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World Milk Day: Top 10 Reputed Brands Supplying Milk in India

The theme of World Milk Day 2021 is ‘Sustainability in the dairy sector with messages around the environment, nutrition and socio-economics.’

World Milk Day
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

We consume milk in one form or another in our day to day life. But do we know that there is a day to celebrate milk day? ‘World Milk Day’ – At first, I find it amusing, but at the same time, I was curious to know the reason for celebrating milk day.

Well to be specific, 1st June is celebrated as “World Milk Day” all over the world annually. The day was established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in the year 2001. The main aim of celebrating this day is to raise the awareness and importance of milk as an essential food.

Each year since, the benefits of milk and dairy products have been actively promoted around the world, including how dairy supports the livelihoods of one billion people. The theme of this year’s ‘World Milk Day’ is focused on ‘sustainability in the dairy sector.’

We all are well aware that milk is considered as a ‘complete food’ due to the presence of necessary protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. According to Ayurveda, milk gives essential nutrition to our body that cannot be provided by any other source of energy.

After digestion, milk helps in balancing all doshas of our body. Due to these numerous health benefits, its consumption is necessary for our body. Also, it’s equally important to consume pure and unadulterated milk. For this, it’s necessary to know the reputed milk brands that provide quality milk straight from the dairy farms.

Take a look at some of the reputed brands supplying milk across India:

1. Pride of Cows

‘Pride of Cows’ is one of the reputed milk brands under the establishment of Parag Milk Foods. Located in the lush greenery of Manchar, close to Pune, the Pride of Cows dairy farm is spread over 26 acres, perched between the Bheema River and the Bheemeshwari hills, and is home to India’s largest dairy farm.

World Milk Day
Photo by Vera Cho on Unsplash

2. Amul

‘Amul’ is an Indian dairy product brand that was established in 1946 by the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. to support the farmers. Due to its high quality, Amul is an established household name in the field of dairy products.

3. Heritage Foods

‘Heritage Foods’ is a famous dairy brand in South India and was founded in the year 1992. It has a good market presence due to the fresh milk supply.

4. Kwality Limited

‘Kwality Limited’ brand came up in 1992 and has grown multifold in the dairy product industry over a period of time. The brand is not only limited to India but also has expanded successfully to 20 more countries.

5. Mother Diary

‘Mother Diary’ was founded in 1974 by the National Dairy Development Board. The brand is having six dairy plants across India. Besides milk, it offers a wide variety of dairy products such as paneer, curd, ghee, ice cream and other cultured items.

6. Verka

‘Verka’ was established in 1983 by the Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Limited. The brand offers a variety of quality milk products such as curd, ghee, paneer, lassi, butter and flavoured milk.


OMFED was founded by the Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation. It is known for its organic dairy products and is very famous in Orissa.

8. Warana

‘Warana’ is a Kolhapur based dairy brand and was established in 1955. The milk product from Warana is quite famous in Maharashtra and other neighbouring states. Shrikhand is the best-selling product under this brand.

9. Nandini Milk

‘Nandini’ was started in 1974 by the Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Limited. It is one of the successful dairy brands in South India. Due to its taste and purity, the brand has spread its wings successfully in Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka and other neighbouring states.


‘AAVIN’ was founded in the year 1952 and is operated by the Tamilnadu Co-operative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited. Besides being the largest company in Tamil Nadu, it is among the top companies in the dairy sector across India. The company is well-known for its organic and fresh dairy products.

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Written by Swati Mor

Pursuing her doctorate studies, Swati always looks for unexplored potential in different genres and love to pen down her thoughts. She also enjoys reading about gadgets, technologies, historical art and culture.

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