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World Aids Day: A Guide to Safe Sex and Prevention from STDs

With sexually transmitted diseases on the rise, it would not be impractical to talk about safe sex. Although the best way to do so is to abstain from sexual contact, but it is not possible nor is the most preferred and accepted way. In a recent study conducted on people between the age group of 16 to 24 it was shocking to know that 64% of them had unprotected sex and more than 23% had multiple partners.

In order to fight the demon – HIV, people gather every year on the 1st of December to celebrate World Aids Day. Been observed as a global health day, the World Aids Day is taken as an opportunity to provide support to those who have been suffering from HIV and also remembering them who dies because of it.
Let’s unite together, on this day and spread awareness on safer sex and the importance for a safe, healthy and HIV free society.

The Importance of Sexual Health

People who really understand the importance of safer sex and its importance are people who stays informed, are careful and hold respect for themselves and others as well. It also means that your enjoy sex responsively and in a way you are comfortable.
Sexual health is not something that can be managed on the won. It needs to be talked about to others who understands you and also loves you. It is always important to talk about something that is about safety and one should know when to say ‘no’.

Why is it important to practice safer sex?

Life, no doubt is overwhelming and distracting too at the same time and hence we forget about ourselves at times, but practicing certain self-care techniques it may be much easier. Safe Sex simple means having sex in a safer way without getting contagious disease from your partner/s. If practiced correctly, it will:
– Prevent chances of pregnancy, acting as a contraception.
– Protects from transmission of sexually transmitted infections and infestations.
– It protects against the transmission of HIV, viral hepatitis and many other blood borne diseases.
In present times the ‘no condom culture’ has taken the present generation believe that one cannot enjoy sex fully and properly with condoms. This is not the right way, considering the aftermaths it has on our life and health.
As per a study conducted by the Center of Diseases Prevention and Control (CDC) 605 of people in today time uses safer sex methods on the highest. This means that after so much of education and initiatives taken in all levels, people though being aware are not either conscious or bothered.

Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease is a type of infection that spreads when sexually coming in contact with another person. This may include even touching as certain STDs can spread by skin to skin contact also.

Effective STD prevention starts well before sexual activities and here are some measure that we all can take to reduce the risk of STD:
– Try to limit the number of sexual partners.

– Talk to each other about your sexual histories.

– Always get tested well before having sex.

– Refrain from sexual indulgence under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

– Get vaccinated for HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and HBV (Hepatitis B).
Having a safe sex means having a barrier in between while performing the act in all forms. These might include:

• Use of male or female condom.

• Use of condom or dental dam for oral type.

• Use of gloves for penetrating manually.
It is important to rinse on after sex and women can urinate to avoid urinary tract infections.

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