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Women in Cybersecurity: For Women. By Women

The ratio of men to women is a major cause for concern in the cybsersecurity space.

On 8 March, an email arrived in our inbox with the subject: Women in Cybersecurity and what happened next is this story. Yes, Cybersecurity is an unconventional domain, and we hardly see the presence of women in that particular field. While info-security awareness and working in the info-security domain are two different aspects, our current story focuses more on the latter.

Below is what the EC-Council has to say in its email: 

Cybersecurity is among the most in-demand careers of 2021. However, the industry has a gender disparity with a low representation of women. While there is a severe mismatch in the supply and demand for talent in the industry, the ratio of men to women is a major cause for concern. To address this twin challenge, several Women Leaders have graciously collaborated with EC-Council to make a whole host of learning resources available to aspiring women cybersecurity practitioners across the globe. 

Back to our story:

While we are happy listening aspirations of ambitious girls, we have experiences with some girls seeking career suggestions of whom many are clueless about what’s next? Some have no answers about what they are passionate too, and some live in a fantasy world of likes and shares. While it’s a matter of personal choice, we thought to do our bit adding to EC-Council’s efforts in highlighting cybersecurity as one career choice for women through this story. 

EC-Council has collaborated with women in the cybersecurity space to come up with a month full of Cyber Talks Series covered by only women leaders across various Industries. While not all webinars may interest you, if you are someone exploring career choices, a mentor or a mother, we believe attending the below webinars may help you gain some awareness

Cyber Talks Webinars :

1. Cyber-Parenting: Guidelines to Keep Our Children Safer in the Post-COVID “New Normal” 

Date of Webinar: 19th March 2021

Key takeaways:

  1. Defining cyber-parenting and understanding why it is necessary
  2. Know the internet dangers that your children are potentially exposed to
  3. Learn 5 key (and simple) cyber-parenting strategies
  4. How to get started (or put into motion) your cyber-parenting plan

2. Women in Cybersecurity: For Women by Women 

Date of Webinar: 26th March 2021

Key Takeaways:

  1. Why young women should take up STEM at an academic level.
  2. Common challenges and myths about women in cybersecurity.
  3. Diversity, gender equality, and inclusion in the digital age.
  4. Types of job opportunities for women in the cyber industry and how to land them.

If interested, you can register for the webinars at See if cybersecurity interests you or get some awareness of how you can safeguard your children in this digital era.

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Written by TEAM WSL

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