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WOKA Launches Season 2 of Nani’s Words of Wisdom

WOKA focuses on promoting developmental learning in a light and entertaining way.

Woka Granny Stories Collection Season 2
Source: Woka English Youtube

World of Kiran Agarwal (WOKA) is an exciting social media channel, which focuses on teaching children life lessons in an interesting, inspiring and fun manner without taking a preachy route. After a successful season 1, WOKA is all set to launch season 2, with beloved Nani bringing more words of wisdom. Season 2 consists of 22 episodes, packed with amusing stories presented engagingly, specifically targeting a younger audience. WOKA focuses on promoting developmental learning in a light and entertaining way.

Mrs Kiran Agarwal has not only conceptualised and ideated but also written stories for both seasons. For animation and effects, she collaborated with Nishant Kumar, whose company Sunshine Media provided a fine blend of exciting graphics, narration, sound effects and background music, amping up the whole visual experience. While, for storytelling, Mrs Agarwal joined creative forces with acclaimed TV and Films writer Saurabh Bhardwaj. The synergy between her creative partners led to the creation of beautiful stories, which try to inculcate values in kids and fan their ability to create a better future for themselves and society.

Speaking about the launch of WOKA’s enlivening and educating season 2, the person behind the initiative, Mrs Kiran Agarwal, said, “Storytelling is one of the most powerful medium to teach, influence and inspire children. Hence WOKA aims to educate children about life lessons and rich values through engaging stories. I personally feel it is essential to acquaint our children with our beautifully rich cultural roots and nurture them with the values that are somewhere lost in the fast-paced urbane lifestyle we are heading towards.”

Life Lessons Bundled in Season 2

WOKA, with its new season, promises to provide a fusion of charming, funny, refreshing and inspirational stories to teach human values in the younger generation. The list of life lessons bundled in season 2 includes, unity is strength, never lie, greed can be dangerous, always be kind to others, never be careless, how to get over fear, always listen to your parents, and never be careless.

Through the collection of heartwarming, engaging and creative stories, WOKA attempts to explore the new meaning of life and learning. It is part of WOKA’s unique perspective and vision to share wisdom and the true essence of life at an early stage. After all, today’s kids will be tomorrow’s thinkers, writers, actors and leaders.

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