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Tired of Dull Hair? Here Are Some Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter season is here, and like every year this season brings certain changes that we do not get much time to adjust. Our hair and skin undergo changes due to the extreme change in weather and to not wreak havoc we need to adapt to it by making useful adjustments to our hair care routine. Winter makes our hair dry, itchy and frizzy but to avoid struggling with your hair, all you need to do is make sure to follow the right hair care routine.

Winter Hair Care Tips

Tip 1 :

From Hot to Lukewarm

Using hot water to wash your hair can remove essential oils from your scalp and make it dull and dry. However, it is not possible to use cold water during winter months so switch to lukewarm water for washing your hair to keep that shine and lustre intact. 

Tip 2 :

Give What Your Scalp Needs

Yes, your scalp needs to be nourished when winters hit as they tend to make your scalp dry and itchy. Provide nourishment by using a light oil, massaging your scalp tends to keep your hair shinier and healthier. An oil treatment also makes sure that the moisture is restored.

Tip 3 :

Avoid Using Styling Equipment

Letting your hair dry naturally is the best way to protect it from further damage. Using heat tools for styling during the winter months can cause damage to your hair and make it weaker. The winter months, in general, tend to make your hair dry and dull, and the use of this equipment can only worsen the situation for your hair. 

Tip 4 :

Avoid Frequent Washes

If you’re someone who washes their hair every day, it’s time to change that. Winters already strip your scalp off the natural oils and moisture that is required to keep it shiny and healthy. Regular washing of hair during winter months can do the same leaving your hair in an unmanageable situation. Try to keep a gap between your washes and opt for a dry shampoo for a fresh and lively hair day.

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