Why You Should Always Take The High Road Even When It Doesn’t Feel Like

There are times in our lives when we feel so devastated because of being wronged that revenge seems to be the only way out of the grim misery. Be it a bad breakup, betrayal by a friend, coworker trying to pull you down, you feel that you need to get back to those who betrayed you. As hard as it may seem, the truth is that revenge is never a solution. No matter how the situation is, you always need to take the high road. Watching people suffer may give you pleasure for a short while but it will always make you feel bad in the long term. Revenge is petty and it always brings out the worst in us. Here is why you should always resist the Temptation to go down that petty rabbit hole-

It is a waste of energy

If you plan to make someone miserable you know how much energy is wasted. You are consumed by this urge to destroy the other person so much so that it reflects in your conversations and evades your dreams. You may not only become obsessive but also end up driving people away because every conversation that you have might have, be still geared towards how you can get back on someone.

You will end up humiliating yourself

Initially you may be consumed by this drive to destroy a person or get back at them but eventually, in the long term, you would realize that it was just petty. You will feel embarrassed by yourself and how it makes you look pathetic in your own eyes.

You lose track of important things

When all your focus is geared towards getting back at someone you lose track of important things in your life you stop enjoying life.

Your anger gives power to your enemies

When you feel angry over someone, you basically let them enjoy watching you suffer. You give them so much power over you!

Being strong irks your enemies

Learn to hold your act together and not freak out. This will make your enemies go crazy. Besides, it is a good way to torture them without humiliating yourself.

You are better or in the long run

When somebody backstabs you, it does make you realize that you are better off without them being a part of your life. So, in the end, it actually plays out well for you.

You end up being the winner

When you take the take the high road, you prevent the wrongdoer from feeling good whichis your victory. Moreover, you are remembered as someone who walked away taking the high road with all the maturity.

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