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Why We’re Totally Digging The New Range Of Asus Zenfones

The WSL team was recently invited to check out the new range of Asus Zenfones and they had us super excited!

We checked out the phones and we’re going to run you through the things that caught our eyes!

PS: This is not a review but our thoughts after the first look.


All the ladies in favour of a good selfie, say ‘Aye!’

But we all have the not so good days where our skin isn’t behaving or none of the angles seem to be working or the light isn’t exactly flattering! But Asus took it up to solve these problems by giving us the ‘Beautification’ tool on their camera. You can smoothen out the skin, add a little blush and even thin your cheeks!

Never again, a bad selfie!


Next Level Camera

It’s not just the beautification tool that makes clicking pictures on the Asus so good! There’s so much beyond that! The fantastic HD mode coupled with low light capture abilities pave way for you to get great pictures. The phone also has several other features such as “Object Removal” which helps you get rid of anything unwanted in the background.



Asus has put in a lot of thought into the design of the phones and it shows! And how! From a beautiful Tiffany blue to a geometric design to a sleek black look, it has something for every taste!





The Benefits Of A Big Phone, As Well As A Small Phone

With the internet use on cellphone at an all time high, phones with bigger screens become the obvious first choice. But they’re not always easy to use and almost always require two hands to use. Asus clearly paid attention because there is a feature that allows the digital screen on your phone to occupy lesser space, thus making it easy to use with one hand.

It’s often the little things that make big differences!


Value For Money Phones That Pack A Punch!

The Asus phones are reasonably priced and definitely aren’t lacking in any way. In fact, they go a step beyond. While most 2GB Ram phones cost anything above Rs.18,000, Asus has a 2GB Ram model within Rs.15,000. Also, did we mention they recently launched a 4GB model?!!


Flash Accessories

While the Zenfone range has several fantastic accessories for the phone, the ones that caught our eye in a heartbeat were the flashes. They have a Zenflash which is similar to those found in high-end DSLR cameras.


We also loved their Lolliflash which is similar to natural light exposure. Oh and did we mention it also comes with filters?


What say ladies? Which is your favourite feature among these?

What do you think?

Written by TEAM WSL

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