Why should you never argue with anyone on Facebook, according to science?

Let’s be honest, 90% of Netizens can plead guilty to this crime. We see a random post pop up on our Facebook timeline, scroll through the comments, see a comment we dislike and bam, without even giving it a deep, much-needed thought, we go ahead and start disagreeing with a random person’s opinion. And thus begins the Facebook war! A war, which started off with just one comment, only for you to wake up the next morning, with 400 new Facebook notifications, from people all across the globe. You my friend, have thus begun a VIRTUAL war, which you may not have intended to start in the first place.

According to an in-depth research conducted on this subject, it’s been said that people genuinely tend to respond differently to an opinion that they read online. At least, that’s according to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science. Researchers at UC Berkeley and University of Chicago researchers recruited 300 volunteers to read, watch a video, or listen to arguments about a wide range of controversial topics, ranging from politics to rap music to abortion. The participants, later on, went on to answer questions about their respective opinions with which they disagreed.

While both the groups had similar opinions, there was a distinct difference between the group that had heard or watched the person speak out loud to the group than the ones that had merely read the same words in the form of a text. Turns out, the group that had heard the speaker were less likely to characterize him as heartless, than the group of people who had just read his comments.

Let’s take another day-to-day example where you’ve misunderstood your partner’s texts, and one text has led to another heated text, to eventually a huge blowout. They say, texting is not the best medium to solve your issues, as you can’t really understand what your partner is really trying to communicate or his emotions. The same rule holds true in the case of Facebook comments. One can never really connect with a person’s emotion, who is practically sitting a thousand miles away. While you may consider this virtual text bashing a friendly debate and assume the person at the other end is enjoying this as much as you are, he may really not!

The best thing for you to do in this case is to magically turn that button in your head, (which secretly itches to join another never-ending Facebook debate) OFF!

What do you think?

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