Why Do Kids Lie?

Growing up years are super fun. While as adults we tend to hide our age and yearn to go back to our childhood, kids take pride in the fact that they are growing up. Having said that, these are crucial years.

For all parents, their kids are precious and special to them. However, at times kids end up doing something, intentionally or unintentionally, that puts you in a fix.

For instance, a few days back I was shocked to find out that my kid lied to me about something. That was almost like a breach of trust. I was in a state of denial that how can my child lie to me. Such situations make you angry and concerned. The catch is, either we tend to become very strict and if we don’t see any scope of improvement, we tend to give up.

As a parent, I would suggest that you handle this situation with care. Here are some situations when kids tend to lie and some Dos and Don’ts for you.


· Kids pick things up really fast, both good and bad. So in school or elsewhere, if one kid is lying, others will simply follow.

· If you put too much pressure on them, they might pick this habit up.

· Kids are good observers. If they feel something makes you angry, they might lie to cover that up. While their intention is not to upset you, it’s a bad habit nevertheless.


A medical study shows that between the age of four and eight, kids tend to lie. It is nothing but a part of their social development. It just shows that they are trying to cope up with the world.

· Whenever kids lie, just try to find out the reason. It so happens that they lie because we put pressure on them to do something which they don’t want to.

· Try to explain things and the consequences of lying.

· To ensure that they don’t lie, reward them from time to time.

· Most importantly, you don’t get hyper. Don’t scold them or yell at them. Sometimes kids tend to lie unknowingly.

Last but not the least, discuss things with kids. Make sure you involve them in the growing up process.

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Written by Priyanka Baheti

Priyanka comes from the land of best beaches, majestic scenery and the quintessential Southern California. Masters in Engineering and mother of two, she believes that education give us way of life to live and family gives Liveness.

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