Why “Follow Your Passion” Isn’t The Career Advice You Are Looking For

When I was a child, “follow your passion” seemed to be the kind of advice I wanted to follow when I grew up. It was only a matter of time and experience that I realised that it wasn’t the best advice and when it was my time to start tossing out advice, I steered clear of telling anyone to “follow your passion”. For one thing, it creates the false notion that your dream career doesn’t include hard work, obstacles and stress. They say, “Do what you love and you would never work a day in your life”. Every motivational book, podcast is filled with the same advice served in 100 different ways.
But should you really follow your passion? If not passion, then what should you let guide yourself? Barbara Coming, who turned a $1000 investment into a billion dollar real estate business, is a big believer in not following your passion and going with you strengths. It worked out well for her, so much so, that she went on to become a successful and well known author and entrepreneur. Rather than following your passion, follow your strengths and see how that turns out for you. Here is some actionable advice on how to get yourself the right career path-breaking

Don’t Shy Away From Trying Different Jobs

The first step is to find out your strengths and for that, you have to try out different jobs, maybe one after another or a side hustle along with a regular job, you got to try many things before you can find out your strengths. A job gives you the opportunity to try various things and get paid for it. How can you know you are good at talking to people, unless you have given it a shot? How can you know you are good at writing unless you have written something?

Once You Have Found Your Strengths, Work On Them

Once you have found your strengths, work on them and make them better. This is one part where you have to put in all the hard work for quite some time before you start getting some exponential growth in your career.

Networking Is The Key

Let’s say there is something you excel at, but without the right opportunities, it all goes for a toss. You are not going to find great opportunities by sitting in a corner cubicle of your office or scrolling through the job sites. You need to get out there and meet people, attend various networking events and get noticed.

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Written by Shubhi Singh

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