Why Alia Bhatt Won’t Charge The Same Amount As Ranveer Singh

Alia Bhatt is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood. She has many hit movies to her credit and last year, she was ranked ahead of actresses like Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in Forbes India Celebrity 100 list, to bag the 12th spot.

However, the gender pay gap still makes headlines even when it comes to the most successful actresses like Alia Bhatt. While many people think that Alia is an underpaid actress, she begs to differ.

Varun Dhawan, Alia’s co actor in many movie, also thinks that Alia is an underpaid.

Varun Dhawan, started his career with Alia Bhatt in “Student Of The Year” and went on to do many movies together such as “Badrinath Ki Dulhania”, “Humpty Sharma Mi Dulhania”. He says,

“Why has it taken the trade and the industry as a whole,until a Raazi to realise that Alia Bhatt is a big star. Be it Badrinath Ki Dulhania, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and even 2 States were all hits and Alia Bhatt was just as responsible for its success as I was or Arjun was.”

In a recent interview to Film Companion, Alia opened up about the pay gap and why she would not charge as much as Ranveer Singh. She said,

I don’t think I can say that for myself. I understand the whole pressure that comes with putting a film together especially because my father is a producer and also Karan (Johar) is a father figure to me in a sense and I understand the pressures that go into a making a film. But I also believe that there has to be a certain awarness of your value. You should not be under-valued and you should not be over-valued. And if you are putting in a certain amount of effort and time into a film then you should be able to ask for the reumneration that you think you deserve. But if you are diluted about it then that’s your problem.

She further added,

“I will not ask for the same amount that maybe Ranveer will ask for because I cannot charge that money just based on the way my film will probably open and maybe the way his film would open. You cannot compare it so I am not diluted about that. But if any new boy, I am not being rude about it, if any new boy who’s done one film is getting paid more than me just because he’s a boy then of course I am not gonna agree with that. “

On the concluding note, she said,

“Having said that, smaller films like sometimes you have to make a film in a tight budget because you know that the subject is tight and the audience may not come in instantly and it’s more of a word of mouth kind of film then I think it makes sense for an actor to kind of soften their remuneration. It should just be a little light on the film and then you have a different deal where you take a backend etc. But if you know that the film has the ability to be a massive hit to become a blockbuster just based on the title and the content then I don’t think it’s wrong. But it’s definitely important to be aware of your value.”

What do you think?

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