White Inspired Home Décor Trend

White home trend is evolving these days. But when people think about white home trend they might call it boring but that’s not the case. White home trend does not mean you need to have everything in white colour. But the principal colour or the most visible colour in your house should be white. You can play around it with the white as much as you want.

So, let’s have a look at different tips and tricks which you can play with in your white inspired home décor trend :


The best thing about a white home décor is that you get ample amount of lighting. And most importantly natural lighting. So, why not play with it more? Keep the windows and doors huge and don’t keep any accessory or furniture blocking their way.

2. Space

In white Home décor you get an illusion of extra space. So, make sure that you don’t crowd the room and keep it empty and give a bit of leg space to move along. Having space in your house is always a good idea rather than making the place unnecessary messy.

3. Earthy Tones

Earthy tones go really well with a white themed house. So, if you are trying to combine some colours then go for the earthy tones. And keep the colours towards the lighter side than the darker side to allow maximum reflection.

4. Green Touch

You can also green elements in your house. They look quite natural with white colour. So, in the dining table keep your chairs green or may be used green patterned cushions. Options are endless you just need to think upon.

5. Local Materials

You should always stick to local materials for your white home décor. They add an artistic feeling and look to your house and they are inexpensive and easily customizable also. And they will definitely add a beautiful touch to your all white home.

6. Pastels

Pastels are another colour family which complements well with white. So, you can go for pastel door frames or may be pastel cushion covers.

7. Shades of white

When you are having an all white home décor then you can definitely play with different shades of white. Make sure that you use off white, or dusky white or even dirty white. You can use them in the fabrics or cushions and curtains.

8. Go Green

Planters looks really well with white homes. So, keep more and more planters of your choice and make sure that they are kept at different corners of the room. An added bonus is that you would be breathing clean air and it will purify your lungs also.

9. Huge Mirror

Sometimes in order to open a small bedroom you can have a huge mirror in it. Just have a simple huge mirror. You can either keep it unframed. But we would suggest you to frame it either with a thick wooden frame or keep it some neon or pastel frame. And you will be amazed what difference it makes to your room.

10. Laid Back look

White home can look quite sophisticated, artificial and formal. Thus, in order to add some life to it you need to make it look more laid back and comfortable. And what better than an arm chair. Your guests can keep rocking and rolling on the same.

We are sure the doors to your creative ideas have opened up. So, why not ponder your head a bit more and come up with some more ideas in the comments down below.

We would love to hear the same.

What do you think?

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