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What to Wear and What to Avoid When Setting off Fireworks This Diwali

Experts advise taking precautions when participating in certain festivities, particularly those involving fire.

What to Wear for Fireworks This Diwali
Photo by Madhukar Kumar on Unsplash

With Diwali almost there, we’re all out looking for new clothes and accessories. Beautiful lights, sweet treats, and firecrackers also add a splash of colour to our holiday celebrations. Even as many have started avoiding crackers for the environment, there are still many who follow the tradition. However, experts advise taking precautions when participating in certain festivities, particularly those involving fire.

Wear appropriate clothing when setting off fireworks, lighting candles, and lighting diyas during Diwali. Wearing loose clothing, such as a lehenga or a saree, increases the risk of catching fire. Wear no clothing made of flammable materials such as nylon or polyester.

Instead of wearing heavy clothing to Diwali parties, opt for silk, chiffons, and georgettes. Wear cotton and linen with embellishments while bursting crackers. Avoid saris and lehengas in favour of Indo-Western attire. Wear a salwar suit or jeans with a long Kurti. Dhoti pants can also be worn with crop tops and jumpsuits. Avoid wearing clothes that irritate not only you but also those around you.

1. Avoid using synthetics

We know you adore chiffon sarees and stunning Georgette Anarkalis. Please keep in mind, however, that these materials are not the safest bet when it comes to lighting fireworks. Fabrics such as chiffon, silk, and georgettes are highly flammable and cling to your skin while burning. The best thing to do is to switch from festive clothing and heavy jewellery to light cotton fabrics.

2. Avoid wearing bangles made of glass or metal

On festive occasions, ladies love to adorn their hands with beautiful bangles in a variety of dazzling colours and styles. However, while out lighting fireworks, it is critical to remove these because when exposed to heat, glass bangles may crack and metal bangles may heat up, causing discomfort and pain. Before entering any area with a fireworks display, keep your hands free of bangles and other such adornments. Just a precautionary measure.

3. Keeping Dupattas and Pallus at Arms Length

Diwali may be the best time to show off those long, intricately embroidered, richly coloured dupattas and stylish saree pallus. However, keep this attire to Diwali parties and poojas.

Some Tips:

  1. While you’re out lighting crackers and admiring the beautiful firecrackers that adorn the Diwali night sky, wear Kurtis instead of salwar kameez and avoid the nine-yard attire.
  2. Everyone should wear form-fitting clothes. Cotton, handloom, and linen fabrics are ideal.
  3. When bursting firecrackers, men, women, and children should all wear safety glasses. It is not only secure but also fashionable.
  4. Keep it simple and avoid long and flowy clothes.
  5. Most importantly, avoid wearing perfumes that contain alcohol. It’s safer that way, even if something catches fire.
  6. Keep ice on hand as well.
  7. Handloom and cotton Kurtis are appropriate for women, while chinos and long kurtas are appropriate for men.
  8. Women should avoid wearing heels and instead opt for shoes.
  9. And most importantly, don’t forget to follow COVID appropriate behavior.

During Diwali, keep a first-aid kit nearby while bursting crackers and lighting candles and diyas. In addition to other necessary items during this time, the first aid kit should include eye drops, burn creams, and inhalers.

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