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What Is Acrylic Nail Art & 10 Nail Art Kits That Are Ruling The Market

For those who aren’t up for elaborate nails, but still want to partake in the spirit of summer, simple and chic nail art is just the thing

If you have short nails and wish to grow them long, then there is a way for you to make your wish come true. Just try acrylic nails. Yes, you heard it right. Acrylic nails are mainly for people who wish to have long nails as they feel their nails don’t grow much in length. And acrylic nails are the conglomeration of liquid and powder polymer when applied on nails and dry out in the air, they form a hard outer layer to increase the nail strength. For those who aren’t up for elaborate nails, but still want to partake in the spirit of summer, simple and chic nail art is just the thing.

Let’s see the top 10 nail art kits that are ruling the market in India.

1. Awejoy 3D Nail Art Paint Kit

Awejoy 3D Nail Art Paint Kit consists of a brush set, dotting painting pen and assorted colour nail stripping tapes. The plus point of this nail kit is the double-ended dotting pen with one end for large ball dot while another end for small ball dot with various size dotting. And the nail striping tapes are multi-coloured so you can easily highlight and design your own nail art pattern.

Key Components: 15 pcs (Nail Brushes), 5 pcs (Double-ended nail dotting pen), 30 pcs (Adhesive Nail striping pen)

Price: ₹ 499

2. SGM Nail Art Paint Kit


Nail Art

SGM Nail Art Paint Kit is best for creating a variety of nail art designs with a different set of brushes and nail art dotting pens. Also, the knit consists of self-adhesive colourful nail striping tapes which make the nail look more dazzling and attractive.

Key Components: 15 pcs (Nail Paint Brushes), 5 pcs (2-way Marbelizing dotting pen), 10 pcs (Assorted colour nail striping tape)

Price: ₹ 799

3. TREXEE Nail Art Paint Kit

TREXEE Nail Art Paint Kit consists of a variety of dotting tool pen, stamping set, brushes and nail tape for nail decoration. Also, the kit contains an additional set of French manicure nail art tip sticker.

Key Components: 31 pcs (2-way Art Dotting Tool Pen), 5 pcs (Stamping set), 15 pcs (Nail Brushes), 10 pcs (Nail tape), Nail art tip sticker
Price: ₹ 799

4. FOK Nail Art Combo kit

FOK Nail Art Kit is the combination of nail dotting pens, adhesive tapes and nail tip sticker that are easy to use and have a nice finished tip. All in all, this combo nail art kit is a good deal.

Key Components: 5 pcs (Nail Art Pen), 10 pcs (Stripping roll tape), French Manicure Nail Art tip sticker
Price: ₹ 504

5. Generic French Manicure Nail Art Tips Sticker Stencil

Generic French Manicure Nail Art Tips Sticker Stencil is good for French manicure and consists of 3 different styles of nail stickers in white colour. This kit is exactly what a nail art lover needs to create a beautiful nail design.

Key Components: Pack of 10 sheets (Nail Stickers)
Price: ₹ 460

6. Nimble House Decoration Nail Art Kit

Nimble House Decoration Nail Art Kit is the best combination of nail art sticker rolls, nail glitter and striping tape for creating crispy and clean geometrical nail art. Also, these nail stickers are self-adhesive so there is no need for glue which makes them easy to use.

Key Components: 10 Pcs (Professional Nail Art Sticker Rolls), Striping Tape Line Foil nail tape
Price: ₹ 599

7. Beaute Secrets Nail Art Kit

Beaute Secrets Nail Art Kit consists of a variety of dotting pens and nail brushes to create fine nail art. These painting brushes are ideal for blending, side loading and getting on side corners of nails. This nail art kit is suitable for users from beginner to expert level.

Key Components: 20 pcs (Nail Dotting Marbleizing Tool Set), Nail Art Brush Set for Nail Decoration Stamping
Price: ₹ 599

8. Lifestyle Nail Art Kit

Lifestyle Nail Art Kit is specially designed for beginner level users. This nail kit provides a variety of options in the department of assorted 3D nail art glitters.

Key Components: 48 pcs (Assorted 3D Nail Art glitter), 15 pcs (Nail Art Brushes), 5 pcs (Double-sided Nail Dotting tool)
Price: ₹ 599

9. Royalkart Nail Art Kit

Royalkart Nail Art Kit consists of altogether 93 different exclusive designs nail tools and nail art strips. Plus, the image plate comes with a plastic backing so they easily protect skin from sharp edges of the image plate. Also, the kit consists of multi-colour metallic nail art tape lace line strips, soft nail silicone stamper, nail tip stickers and glitter bottles.

Key Components: 4 Rectangular Image Plates (3D Nail Art Stamping Kit), Soft Nail Silicone Stamper & Scraper, 3D Nail Art Tools
Price: ₹ 2999

10. Lifestyle -You Nail Stamp Plate

Lifestyle-You Nail Stamp Plate is a great nail art kit that is suitable for both beginners and experienced nail stamper. Not a single design in this product is repeated. Plus, the colour of the acrylic image plates come in the shade of pink, white, black and purple.

Key Components: 16 pcs (Nail Stamp Plate), 2 pcs (Nail Art Image Stamping Plates), 2 pcs (Steel Stamper Scraper Set), Nail Art Tools
Price: ₹ 1200

Decorate your nails with these beautiful nail stickers and try these different shades of acrylic image plates on your nails. So, “HAPPY COLOURS, HAPPY POLISHING”.

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Written by Swati Mor

Pursuing her doctorate studies, Swati always looks for unexplored potential in different genres and love to pen down her thoughts. She also enjoys reading about gadgets, technologies, historical art and culture.


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