10 Exciting Ideas to Make your Weekend Special

Cherish weekends as they occur just once in a week, plan your life at least to enjoy a little so that you don’t look back and regret wondering where the hell did ‘youth’ disappear?

1. Be an owl

Stay up all night, party hard and sleep only after you’ve welcomed the wonderful weekend. I literally mean go to sleep only after the milkman rings the bell or the newspaper boy flings the paper.

2. Hit the gym/the pool

Before the medical expenses hit you hard, better buck up and hit the treadmill or the pool whatever suits you. Feel your heartbeat as you run/swim/cycle.

3. Arrange a surprise family brunch/lunch

Your parents never demand a status or a dictate terms and conditions but they secretly miss you when you sleep 13-14 hours of your day either at work or socialising. Their world comprises of you and you alone so take time out to have a nice brunch with them, you’ll make their day!

4. Make time for ‘Me’ time

You know the weekend is super short-lived don’t waste time on problems rather create memories, click pictures, cook, bake cakes, surprise mom for once, clean up your room and your cupboards and your drawers and the list goes on and on. Sing, paint, dance, shop, pamper yourself, have a royal bath, dress up for yourself and not for the world…break free !

5. Meditate

I don’t want to bind you to an idol or a place of worship coz to me religion is meditation. You connect with yourself only when you meditate and that’s when you connect with the inner spirit or ‘the god particle’ as one would fancy it…!!!

6. Stay Connected

I am not advertising for some random cellphone brand or service provider but I really feel you need to re connect with your friends they are people who are going to be there for you even when you commit crimes or run the stupidest of errands. Call them, arrange for meetings or random reunions…it’s refreshing to revive old bonds.

7. Learn something new

Our lives at some point seem to be so monotonous and dull that you tend to question the whole purpose of existence. To engage in a new activity is the way out, either learn an instrument, or learn how to cook, sing, dance, paint, whatever makes you happy.

8. Dinner a Winner

Now that you have spent time with yourself and your parents, how can you leave your partners in crime alone.Meet up your regular buddies and go out for dinner.Dance your heart out, party hard…have fun…it’s ok if you trip and fall no one’s judging you.

9. Get set to combat Monday Morning Blues

Finish your tasks, keep your clothes and your bag ready. Decide what you wish to eat and what you need to remember coz you wouldn’t want your boss to start with a “What the hell…?” early in the morning….Be sure you sleep early and reach BEFORE time…it’ll sort you for the entire week… tried and tested

10. A 2-Minute Goodnight jazz

A Fun day just got over…celebrate the day and conclude it with a family ice-cream treat. Kulfis work best for me but your free to choose the flavor of choice.

What do you think?

Written by TEAM WSL

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