#WeddingDiaries: How Did I Loose Weight Before My Wedding

Losing weight is not easy for anyone and especially when you are working women then it’s more difficult. Plus, it is said that if you aim for a dramatic weight loss then it’s going to take away the glow of your skin. So, what to do?? This post is all about how to achieve a healthy weight loss keeping in mind the time consideration for brides to be.

My marriage is scheduled in Feb end and this is what I am trying to do for weight loss. I am currently 57-58 Kg and I am aiming for 50 Kg. Going to the gym was never an option for me as I know it was not sustainable and in this harsh winters in Delhi, I would ultimately give up on the gym. So, I tried something in-house.


1. I am an avid rice lover, but this time I had a bigger reason to reduce weight and so with my heavy heart I gave up rice. I started eating chapattis both times a day and on weekends only I eat rice. But I try my best to avoid in weekends but sometimes I give it up. Since my marriage is scheduled in Feb end so I am planning to eat 1 chappati both times a day from January.

2. Cut down on all kind of sodas and drinks. Even avoid alcohol, if you are too fond of alcohol you can only drink wine and nothing more. Wine helps in cutting down your calories. So. Cheers to wine.

3. Fast foods are strictly to be avoided. Any kind of deep fried foods in a house also should be minimized as much as possible.

How to lose Weight for working Brides to be 4. Try to consume 1-2 fruits every day. Eat more and more seasonal fresh fruits. And always try to eat whole fruits than pressed juices or even fresh juices.

How to lose Weight for working Brides to be


This is the most important part. You can never lose weight only with dieting. Good and rigorous exercise routine is a must. Determine what your problematic area is. Like mine is mostly tummy and my extra chubby cheeks but adding to that I also wanted to tone down my thighs and reduce a bit of weight overall. Also, I want to slim down my arms. So, all my exercises target on these areas only.

1. I begin with 100 times skipping ropes. I did it for a week and now I am increasing it to 200. So, you can also reduce or increase the number as per your comfort.

2. I do 100 arm circles with a variation of 50-50 in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

3. I do 50 squats to tone my thing and also reduce the tummy area.

How to lose Weight for working Brides to be
How to lose Weight for working Brides to be

4. I do 50 leg raises in order to tone down my tummy area.

How to lose Weight for working Brides to be
How to lose Weight for working Brides to be

5. I also do 50 leg circles in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions for toning of thighs and love handles.

6. In order to tone my cheek muscles, I do 50 face circles in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

After a while, I am planning to add some more exercises and then I will definitely update the list here. I am also planning to add 100 kapalbhatis here may be by the second week. Hope you all like my mini exercise routine.

It would be really helpful if you could add some more exercises in the comments down below.

What do you think?

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