What to wear and what to avoid at a music festival

Heading to a day-long music festival? These festivals are as much about style as much as they are about fun and music. But trust me, if you go style spotting at these festivals, you end up finding people who look like they have just walked out of a wedding (okay, exaggerating)! Here’s a quick guide on how to get the look right.

First things first. Girls, please DO NOT wear high heels for an open air festival. Remember, you have to be dancing till midnight? Almost all the girls do this, and not even half the day has passed when they start complaining that their feet hurt.

Please pull your hair up. Keep it in a messy bun or braid it. Just do not leave it open. You are going to sweat a lot, so make sure that your hair does not come in your way. Floral and funky headbands are also a great idea.

Wear those funky colorful ballerinas or flip flops.

Avoid make up. Just a foundation and some lip gloss will be cool. Nude look is perfect. No matter what kind of make-up you do, just keep in mind that you cannot afford to run to the washroom every other hour for a touch up.

Now the most important part, what to wear? Ditch those bodycons. Bring out those brightly colored shorts, frilly skirts or even maxi dresses. Loose flowing tees or uber casual long shirts teemed with denim shorts will make you look very chic.

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Avoid anything blingy.
Do not push or shove at the festival. Its going to be crowded. Live with it.
Do not expect fancy cocktails. Go for beer. That’s what all the cool people do at such festivals.

Dance. You are here to have fun, and not sit in a corner (how boring) and gossip.
Carry sunscreen and mist sprays.

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Written by Swati Tewari

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