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10 Ways To Teach Children About Autism And How To Create Awareness In Society

Let’s see some of the ways by which awareness could be created among the general public regarding autism.


2nd April is celebrated as “World Autism Awareness Day” with the aim to create awareness among the general public regarding autism. But do we know that not many people understand what exactly autism is and how to interact with children with autism? This means that awareness is required on a large scale to make the general public understand the sensitivity of the issue. Let’s see some of the ways by which awareness could be created among the general public regarding autism.

1. Teach young children about autism in schools

Books are a great medium for creating awareness among the masses. And if this topic will be covered and included in textbooks from elementary school onwards, then it will aware children about autism and be sensitive towards a person with autism. Since parents learn from children, so this knowledge will be transferred to parents too through their child.

2. Take your children to autism-related events

Take your child to events that are focused on topics like autism so that they can learn about it and also tell others about this which not an issue and let’s all learn to include all and show compassion. This will create an awareness chain in society.

3. Spread the message of kindness through a movie or a TV serial

Be kind towards all no matter what. The right message could be sent among people in society with the help of a movie or theatrical act.

We know that children have a sweet innocence in their language and gestures. They are true in their feeling with no adulteration. So, it is very important to recognize their potential from a young age and give it a direction. And the same thing is applicable for a child with autism too.

Let’s see the top 10 ways to teach effectively children with autism.

1. Pictorial language speaks more than the verbal

Learning will be fun for them if they are taught using videos and pictorial images in schools. Also, this will help them to understand things in an easy way.

2. Give them ‘Short and Simple’ instruction

Try to give them instructions in short and simple language so that it is better for them to understand and absorb the message that is being conveyed to them.

3. Teach them new things through interesting games

Introduce them to new things and concept with the help of interesting indoor and outdoor games so that they learn while enjoying the process thoroughly.

4. Help them in social interaction

Teach and help them in the department of social interaction whether it is at home, in school or in social gatherings. This will not only overcome their fear of interaction with other people but will also turn them into confident individual.

5. Small achievement is big enough to cheer and celebrate

We all start from a small achievement, then, later on, these achievements transformed into big success in our life. So, the same need to be taught to children with autism. And for this, they need to cheer up for participating in extra-curricular activities or for learning something different.

6. Give them a safe and structured environment

Provide a safe and well-structured surrounding to them in schools so that things come easy to them whether it is related to routine, classes or lesson plans. Also, teach them that it’s ok to make mistakes in life and learn from them.

7. Encouragement

Encourage them so that they feel valued for the efforts they are making to learn things and try different things in life. Believe me, it will be rewarding.

8. Provide them some more time

Give them enough time to understand and capture the essence of something being taught to them so that they don’t feel felt behind in any sphere.

9. In between ‘breaks’ are the best

‘Breaks’ are the most important thing to keep in mind as this gives them a free and relaxing time to ease their senses and get them back to things in a more effective and efficient manner.

10. Be happy, compassionate and teach the same to them

This is life’s biggest lesson to teach and it will also free them from all sort of insecurities and fear that come while learning new things in life. So, tell them to be happy and explore new things in life.

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Written by Swati Mor

Pursuing her doctorate studies, Swati always looks for unexplored potential in different genres and love to pen down her thoughts. She also enjoys reading about gadgets, technologies, historical art and culture.

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