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5 Ways to Style a Scarf Effortlessly

This inexpensive piece of clothing can level up your outfit in no time!

Ways to Style a Scarf

A scarf is the most versatile and fashionable piece of clothing that one should have in their wardrobe. Scarves come in different patterns and styles, leaving a lot of ways for one to style it. This inexpensive piece of clothing can level up your outfit in no time! More in the story how.


Here are five ways to style a scarf effortlessly:

1. Sling It!

Thinking about how to add a pop of colour to your monotonous outfit? Add a colourful chiffon scarf at the end of your sling and see your look go from zero to a hundred. This leaves a playful impression and makes your outfit look more experimental.

scarf sling

2. Use It as a Top

Use your regular scarf and turn it into an elegant top. Take a satin or chiffon scarf and fold into a triangle. Now tie the scarf around your chest and knot it neatly from behind. Pair this top with ripped denim shorts and complete the look with minimal jewellery and white sneakers.

3. The Elegant Headscarf

Wearing a scarf as a headgear makes you look super trendy and chic. This also comes in handy when you are having a bad hair day, and it revamps your look for the day. It is always recommended picking a material and pattern that suits your style the best and is easy to tie around.


4. Wrap It Up!

Style your plain ethnic wear with a floral printed scarf by wrapping it around your neck. Complete this look with any chiffon floral printed scarf, a plain one-coloured kurta, some junk jewellery, airy palazzo and elegant mojaris.

5. Wear It as a Cape or Shrug

This style can be easily done for all occasions, for a casual morning look to a glamorous evening look and in all seasons. It is easy to create and carry with just minimal or no extra effort. To create this look put the scarf over your shoulders and tie one end from behind and hide it to give it a shrug-like effect or puff the scarf from the sleeve area and wrap an elegant belt around your waist to stand out.

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