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Ways To Meditate Other Than Sitting With Your Eyes Closed

If you want to get benefitted from meditation but sitting with your eyes closed is just not your thing, then you are in luck.
In our faced paced lives, this ancient Indian practice of meditation can help us lead more productive and happy lives. When it comes to meditation, we have a very narrow view of it, so much so, that our mind starts conjuring up images of sitting cross-legged with hands in dhyana mudra and eyes closed shut. But not everyone can do it. In case you can’t, don’t force it on yourself, to Here are 2 different ways you can meditate which do not involve sitting still with eyes closed.

Be in the moment

Meditation is not just about shutting everything out. It is more than that. Being in the moment is also meditation. By this, I mean whatever you are doing, be present. It happens when you do something wholeheartedly, like something of a hobby. Find something which gives you joy and totally consumes you and do it every day. That would be your meditation.

Focus On Your Breath While Walking

This one is my favorite. I take an evening walk in nature every day after work. It is my way of relaxing my mind and body. While I am at it, I focus on my breath and let my thoughts be. I have been doing it for almost a year now and it has done wonders to my productivity. This way of meditation is easy to not just implement but also to sustain.

How Do You Practise Meditation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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