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Go Ahead, Waste Some Time – It’s Good and Can Make You More Productive

Wasting time is, in fact, highly fulfilling, necessary, and occasionally is time well spent.

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It’s difficult to find it convincing that wasting time is good for you, although various studies have affirmed the same. This is probably the reason why corporate giants like Apple have installed wellness centers and jogging areas in their office space for employees. No matter how unconventional the idea sounds, wasting time boosts productivity! The world has never been more competitive than now; almost every industry demands innovation and in such a situation, workplaces require innovative workers. Nowadays, it is crucial to be creative to thrive in your job and gain promotions.

But How Does Taking Time off Help You?

Stress is the root cause of irritability and demotivation. Work-life stress not only harms your productivity but also negatively affects your health. When you are stressed, you end up feeling overwhelmed and dejected in life leading to stagnant growth. We have a habit of preaching workaholism, but this toxic culture ends up ruining your social circle. Not spending enough time with your friends or with people outside your work circle will restrict you from understanding different perspectives or hearing new ideas. It is vital to meet people and hear new ideas to broaden your mindset. Moreover, sometimes, watching a movie or talking to a friend ends up giving you a creative solution to your problems. 

What to Do When You Are Stuck With a Problem?

  1. If you find yourself with a mental block, leave the problem aside and focus on something else. 
  2. Declutter your mind and help it relax.
  3. You can take a walk or do something that helps you loosen up.
  4. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you hit a block.
  5. Come back to the problem with a fresh perspective and try again.
  6. You can repeat these steps a couple of times till you reach a solution.

History has it that many of the greatest inventions have hit an innovator when they were doing simple chores like walking or watering their plants or just relaxing – Mozart has said that many of the greatest melodies hit him when he was simply relaxing. So the next time an idea hits you while you are about to take an afternoon nap, remember to jot it down quickly.

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Written by Prerna

A purple soul with a love for all things creative especially acting. I believe that current affairs, comedy and drama are interesting. I will forever be an inquisitive person striving for new knowledge. I like to write to express my views because words are powerful.

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