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Make Your Wardrobe Sustain with These Must-have Investment Pieces

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is not easy and in this race to have it all we sometimes forget the staples that can create a timeless wardrobe. There are many pieces we may find tempting but often fail to compare their actual uses. There may be situations where many pieces we now have in our wardrobe weren’t able to keep up with the trend and lost its charm in no time and we ended up with a wardrobe that doesn’t have much to offer.


No matter how much you spend finding things to update your wardrobe, spending on certain pieces that make your outfits wholesome is an investment and shouldn’t be paid any less attention. An investment piece is one that guarantees versatility. Any such piece may cost you more but what you get in return is all worth it. The quality and design of such a piece are what pushes one to buy it and then re-style it innumerous times.

Wardrobe Must-haves for Every Woman

1. A Trench Coat

A Trench Coat
Woman in a Trench Coat

This is one of the classiest pieces you can make space for in your wardrobe. This piece is all you need to get your winter look in place. Its elegant yet chic factor makes it wearable for all occasions. Don’t shy away from experimenting with checks or prints. You can style this timeless piece with everything from your date-night outfit to casual wear it to the workday.

2. A Cross Body Bag

This basic piece is all you need to slay your casual outfits. It is smaller in size compared to a handbag and is best for a day out where you don’t have much to carry. Go for neutral colours that can be carried with all your outfits. You can find some amazing designs in good brands that may cost you more but stands true to its value. A crossbody bag usually comes with detachable straps so it can also be used as a clutch.

3. Basic White Shirt

Basic White Shirt
Woman in a white shirt

A basic white shirt is the next best thing to have in your wardrobe. It is super versatile and you may not find an end to styling this particular piece. But you can always level it up by going for designs that have more detailing or going for fabrics like silk, satin, etc. Go for brands that offer more than a basic white shirt and have a variety of designs and fabrics to help you choose from. It can be slightly expensive but this piece is timeless and goes with literally everything and that is what makes it a good investment piece.

4. Sneakers


Do you know anything that does not go with basic white sneakers? I guess not! This pair of footwear can be a life-saver and definitely a good investment. Getting a basic white sneaker from traditional shoe brands available in the market can be a little crunch in your pocket but again, it is extremely useful and never fails to surprise you. A basic white sneaker can be styled with literally anything and anywhere and still make your outfit stand out.

5. A Perfect Pair of Jeans

Girl in Jeans
Woman in Jeans

Jeans come under our everyday wear and when buying a pair of jeans, one should not compromise on its design and quality. A brand that happens to offer both can be slightly expensive but since this piece is what you need for the long run, it is best to go for it without thinking much. Always make sure you have basic colours in your wardrobe like blue or black as these colours are extremely versatile and can be styled easily one way or the other.

6. Make a Statement with a Leather Jacket

Woman in leather jacket

Personally, I have always been a leather jacket fan and this goes without saying but leather jackets have been around for a while and it never literally goes out of style. You may find this in everyone’s closet but the moment you see one walking in wearing a leather jacket, it’s like you have never seen this piece before. Make sure while purchasing one you go for good quality material as the poor one gets torn off in no time. As this piece can be reused innumerable times, go for brands that offer quality and chic designs.

7. Own a Pair of Boots


Owning a pair of classy boots is a must to complete your wardrobe. It levels up your outfit and gives it the edge it requires. It can easily be styled with anything from date night look to a casual brunch look and oh yes, all very effortlessly. Other than this piece being versatile, it is also extremely comfortable. You can wear a pair of boots with your jeans, dresses, and even with your skirts. It is best to purchase from brands that ensure good quality and sleek design, and even though it is a cliché, go for colours like white, black or beige.

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Written by Urvashi

With a degree in media science, I spend most of my time writing, trying to explore the content world with a wish to make it big someday!


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