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Walking Barefoot on Grass Can Be Beneficial. Know How

Being close to nature’s elements can help you start your day on a happy note by relieving all your stress.

Start your day on a positive note by being close to nature and it’s elements. Feeling the sun on your skin, the melodious chirping of the birds, the sound of wind blowing, the shade of a tree, and walking barefoot on grass can all be therapeutic and good for your mind and body. Being close to these elements of nature can help you start your day on a happy note by relieving all your stress and clear your mind from any negative thoughts.

Woman walking barefoot on grass
Woman walking barefoot on grass

Why should you do it?

Walking barefoot on grass can help you feel the energy of the earth and this energy centres your mind by leaving you relaxed. In this hub-hub of daily life, our minds are bound to get tired and not function the same at all times. At times like these, it’s important to do this as a practice to cleanse yourself from all the built-up tension and tiresome thoughts. So enjoy your time with a cup of tea and walk barefoot on the grass 15 minutes a day, surrounded by many elements of nature and you will surely be able to spot the mentioned benefits.

1. Helps Control Insomnia

Do you find it difficult to get any amount of sleep at night? Trouble falling asleep can be a sign of insomnia. Walking barefoot on the grass early morning can help control or cure your insomnia by relieving your stress and clearing your mind of any negative thoughts.

2. Enhances Mood

Being connected to nature and its various forms can have a positive impact on our mind and body. Earthing or being connected to the earth’s energy can lift your mood and centre your mind by making you feel positive and withdrawing all the negativity. It is the best way to relax and give yourself some nature’s therapy!.

3. Nourishes Your Body with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital for your body as it helps in the development of strong bones and provides relief from joint pains. The sufficiency of this vitamin ensures protection against various bone or joint-related diseases which can be easily provided by the sun’s direct rays. Walking barefoot on grass every morning can expose you to vitamin D that can be extremely beneficial for your body.

4. Keeps a Check on Your Heart

Walking barefoot on grass can be extremely beneficial for your heart too. Every step you walk on the grass barefooted keeps your heartbeat in sync. The earth’s energy has a positive impact on your heart and makes sure your entire body functions in an organised form by keeping in check the health of other important organs.

5. Improves Eyesight

Walking barefoot on the grass can also promote better eyesight. Are you wondering how? Well, there are certain pressure points in our feet connected to our eye which by coming in touch with the earth’s raw energy improves our eyesight and proves to be extremely beneficial.

6. Keeps Your Mental Health in Check

When you make walking barefoot on the grass a morning ritual, you will notice several changes in your body. It will have a different impact both on your body as well as your mind. You will soon start noticing that your energy levels have increased and you’re more active throughout the day. This is probably because this daily activity ensures you to go into a complete state of relaxation, get rid of the noise in your head, calm your nerves, and helps you to have a positive mind frame. It also helps with anxiety and severe mood swings which can be the cause of other underlying issues.

7. Can Provide Relief from Painful Menstrual Cramps

When it comes to menstruation, we all feel a different intensity of pain and for some, it may be less painful but for others, the pain can be unbearable. When we experience this kind of unbearable pain, some of us resort to taking pain killers that may have side effects in the long run. But walking barefoot on the grass can provide you with the same kind of relief but only without any long term side effects. As this activity provides relief from all kinds of pain and inflammation, it can also help you with unbearable menstrual cramps.

No remedy is better than nature when it comes to your body and mind. It’s not philosophical to say that what you think is what you are and how you make yourself feel determines your overall well-being. When your mind is troubled, it will have a direct impact on your body and its overall functioning and during times as hard as these, it’s best to be connected to mother nature and reconnect with your natural self.

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Written by Urvashi

With a degree in media science, I spend most of my time writing, trying to explore the content world with a wish to make it big someday!

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