Vivel Cell Renew All Year Light Body Lotion – for all weather use

Vivel is the trade name used for the entire range of personal care products from ITC. ITC is an Indian company based in Bangalore. Its products have earned praise from consumers making ITC a known name in today’s tough competitive market. ITC launches the new Vivel Cell Renew All Year Light Body Lotion keeping in mind the needs of the consumers of a tropical country like India.

This product is created mainly to keep the tropical Indian skin happy. This is a product which can be used throughout the year, no matter what the season may be. Its quick absorption does not make you feel sticky during the summers and not does it make you feel dry during the winters. This product is perfect for working women and young college students who face a daily affair of skin damage due to pollution, heat and air-conditioning.

The specialty of the product is its light formulation which enables its quick absorption into the skin. The double actions of fortification and repairing the damaged skin cells are done by the lotion. You get a bodyguard for your skin as the fortification action protects your skin from free radicals and other harmful environmental factors. It promises 10 times the benefits the of Vitamin E. The lotion replenishes the lost nutrients that get lost during the whole day’s work.

If you are looking for holistic skin care, you’ve got to pick this for your shopping cart. This product is sure to succeed. There is bottle replacing this from your table. Fort a pack of 100ml you’ve got to pay Rs.79 and for a 250ml pack you’ve got to give Rs.225.

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