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Women have a myth to not look stylish when at work. Correction-to-be-made, you must look fabulous even in your office be it a corporate industry, media company or the FBI.

Yet there is a catch here. Looking stylish doesn’t really mean you show off your cleavage or expose midriffs. There are certain norms the company sets for its employees which are expected to be followed. Firstly, analyse your boss and your colleagues at work. Observe how they dress up regularly. Then make your own fashion database to follow.

Following are a few ideas for you in case you are looking for casual or neat or even sophisticated office wear. We have sorted your future wardrobe in different colors that are trending. Do make sure you follow the tips to look your best!

Light pink with some polka dots

The color pink is a slightly deeper shade of the actual pink. This color mainly portrays positivity hence suggested to wear at work where calmness is needed the most. A light-shaded, polka dot, well-fitted dress with semi-sleeves tops the list this season. A light pink belt to go with it below your bust could add elegance. Since, light pink is the color of the season, a long buttoned jacket of the same color will compliment the dress well. As we are wearing a pink jacket, same color office footwear is recommended (heels precisely). Your nail-shade too needs to be of the same shade as your jacket and shoes. Very importantly, the bag that you carry must go with your dress which is a shade of grey. All in all make sure you accessorize this look well by using long earrings maybe blending both the prime colors- light pink and grey.

Lemon Green and Hazel Brown

A precisely tailored lemon green suit with a hazel brown belt is the second best choice for the season. It not just gives you confidence but also a sense of power. It is also easy-to-wear and elegant. A brown scarf with a brown handbag polishes the entire look. As the dress we wear is green, accessorize accordingly. Long green earrings with a set of bangles will assuredly get you out of what-to-wear crisis. But of course, a pair of brown heels studded with green beads. The color green suggests creating equilibrium between your brain and heart. A perfect combination to have on you while at work.

Honey Brown blouse with blank pants

Thirdly, a honey brown sleeve-less blouse with black long loose pants is one of the best choices you can make while you play dress-up. As you wear pants, you ought to look tall and not slouchy. Earrings make you look like your normal height. Avoid them here. Instead, use a brown colored beaded neckpiece along with the same color bag and shoes. A ring would surely make a good difference. Lastly, a beige jacket will help you save from the cold winds outside which also completes the look.

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Written by Prutha Bhosle

Prutha Bhosle is peppy yet shy, urbane yet uncouth, ambitious yet indecisive, feminist yet equalist writer of WSL. She is a true fashion lover and keeps her eye on all the updated trends & city lifestyle.

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