6 Effective Quick Make-Up Removal Tips

There is an unwritten law on makeup removal in the world. It is almost absolutely necessary! Every time you use make up, don’t forget to remove it before you go to sleep, no matter how sleepy you are. Or intoxicated. Or tired. The chemicals present in most make-up has the potential to harm your skin in the long run. Here are some tips for natural make up removing solutions.


As it is said, your skin needs to be rid of all makeup each night. To begin this process, cleanse and prepare your skin, cold water and rose water prove very beneficial for the preliminary cleansing of the skin. They also remove the surface dust and chemicals before the deeper cleansing and removing.


There are many ways to remove ones make-up and also many products available in the market. But natural ingredients will always do a better job as they won’t affect the skin in a wrong way, being devoid of chemicals. Or try products that use minimal chemical ingredients.

One of the best kinds of make-up removal products used by women are baby products, especially baby lotion and baby oil. As they are very tender on the skin and moisturize deeply, they are efficient to remove makeup too. Try some baby oil or lotion on a cotton swab and gently rub it to remove make-up effectively.

Among oils, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil is highly recommended for make-up removal. All three oils are found easily and moisturize the skin without any side effects. They are not too sticky and thus very convenient. Try all of them and figure out what suits you best. My personal favorite is coconut oil (for both skin and hair). Oils are also more effective for more stubborn layers of make-up.

Among the more natural substances, we have seen that raw milk, honey and yogurt have been acclaimed to help remove make up most effectively. Honey nourishes even the most dry skin and leaves it radiant. Milk cleanses the pores and makes the skin super soft. Yogurt too has zinc that nourishes the skin along with removing make up.


After you remove make-up, apply milk or rose water and keep it overnight. This will help your skin rejuvenate what it has lost because of the chemicals you have used on it. This is a routine you are required to follow in order to keep your skin nourished and happy- cleanse, remove, moisturize. Also, substitute your make-up products with natural substitutes and use it to a lesser degree. After all, your skin is too precious to ruin.

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