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Farah Dukhai: Unleash Your Glow With These Beauty Tips

Farah Dukhai  is one of the most renowned desi beauties Guru of this time. She is popular for her homemade beauty remedies.

Her dynamic natural beauty tips are affordable and effective. Lets explore about her most amazing beauty tips here: 

As there are so many things to describe and tell about beauty, so are there number of ways to stay beautiful and glowing. Being beautiful and glowing creates a happy and healthy perspective in our life. We tend to look at the world with a positive regard.

We live in a world that has various kinds of people – good, bad, ugly, selfish and even cunning and vicious, that devours the society. Beauty is one aspect that leases us from the negatives and creates a wonderful world around us. It is why, we should always strive to look beautiful and glowing.

Let’s explore some beauty tips to a beautiful you

The Eyes: Our eyes are our window to the world. Beautiful eyes makes a beautiful person. To keep the eyes look beautiful for longer, apply some foundation on your eyelids before using eyelids. For deeper eyes use lighter shades. The simplest combination for a beautiful eye is to brush using eye shadow brush from the lash to brow line like a bone. Use a brush to line around the eyes with some darker colour like mahogany. On the eyelash curler apply hair dryer for few seconds. To keep the eye smooth by applying petroleum jelly with a brush. Never keep eye makeup intact at night, use a cold cream to remove them gently.


The Skin: Skin is the largest organ of our body and to keep it healthy and glowing the first thing needed is to drink plenty of water and keep it moisturised. Always stay positive and keep smiling staying away from stress and tensions. Add some healthy warm tint on the face with a bronzing gel when you know that you are going out in the sun, especially on the chicks, nose and forehead. For a lovely glow, apply a sand coloured blush on the apples of the cheek and finish with some simmer powder.
If you have oily skin, apply clay mask and for a skin that is prone to acnes, use a gentler and milder soap to clean. The PH balance make the skin less oily and safe. While going out in sun, apply sun screen lotions on your arms and other exposed areas.

Hairs: One of the most common issues here is excess oil on the scalp. Oily hair should be washed daily as it has more chances of collecting dirt than non-oily ones. Use natural shampoos or shampoos that are low in silicone, oils and lanolin. Apply lotions and hair oils to massage the scalp. This will help the hairs grow thicker and stronger. For dry hair types use hair moisturisers to restore hair moisture in the hair cortex along with in hairs.

Lips: Apply neutral colour on them and then line it. Finis with a neutral coloured shimmer lip gloss. Apply lip foundations on the lips before applying lip stick or gloss. It helps retain for longer and also makes the lips appear juicier and moisturised.

Some easy DIY and amazing beauty tips from the Farah Dhukai –


– Apply garlic on pimples if you want to get rid of pimples overnight. Garlic is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal and helps getting a clear smooth skin.
– Mix some coconut oil with a pinch of turmeric and rinse your teeth with it,. See tour white pearls shinning and glowing.
– Buttermilk and turmeric, mixed together and applied below the eyes will get your rif of dark circles.
– A generous mixture of raw honey, yoghurt and raw honey and applied as a mask on the hairs makes them silky and soft and eliminates fizz.
– Using potato juice under the eyes gets you rid puffed eyes and dark circles in no time.

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