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Unconventional Women’s Day Gift Ideas

Trying to find that unique gift for the women in your life?

Trying to find that unique gift for the women in your life? Well, the best gift according to me might be something inexpensive but what holds the most special place in a woman’s life? When we talk about women empowerment and bringing inequality there is a lot that goes around it. While there have been changes slowly, there is still a long way to go. This women’s day don’t buy that handbag, or that dress, give the women in your life a place where they can grow and be themselves. Are you thinking about what am I talking about?

Here’s the List of the Most Inexpensive yet Amazing Things to Offer the Women in Your Life!

Show Her You Respect Her Dreams

A lot of women go through the pressure of being convinced that their dreams are a source or means to alternative things they can do in life. Many women also do not get support from their partners or family members to pursue their respective career paths. Because it is always looked like they have an option to step back from what they desire and a woman doesn’t need to be financially strong and independent. Some of these careers also include long working hours that again becomes an issue whether they should pursue it or not. While the intention behind the issue may be a mere concern or just disagreement, charity does begin at home. Support the women in your life, stand by them and make them believe that their dreams are just as important as any other person and being independent does not make them any less approachable. Stand by the notion that they too can have a normal family, work and do everything just like their male counterparts.

Make Them Feel Safe

This the most valued thing for all women; to feel safe in the presence of a man. Being a woman I do know how important this is for us. Women’s safety is a serious concern and the increasing crime rates have created that mental block that runs 24*7 at the back of our minds. Being cautious all the time and running through how I’m dressed is most likely a part of my routine. While being on the road after a certain time limit is not the only place where women have to be cautious to stay safe, a home is also a place for some women where this applies. Cases of domestic violence increased during the period of lock-down at an alarming rate and being closed inside four walls of a house- made many women exposed to abuse and violence. While many people refrain from outing their abusers and filing a case, I hope this changes and women begin to stand for themselves.

Encourage Women to Get Education

While education is the most basic need of any living being, many women are denied the right to education merely because they are “women”. Education enlightens a person and helps them get a perspective by helping them know the rights and wrongs of the existing societal norms. Education can also help one to stand on their feet and be financially independent. If the women in your life do not know or realise the importance of being financially independent, educate them and make sure they understand how crucial it is for their growth. Education can make or break a person’s life. I have been extremely blessed with this as my mother has always told me to first get done with my education and then think about the other phases of my life like getting married and this has done nothing but good to me. She truly understands that making a life for yourself is important and should not be compromised because society has made a certain time limit to get things done. So the best thing to do today as a gift would be to encourage women in your life to get educated and be independent.

Lift the Pressure off Women That They Should Make No Mistakes

There is always a certain pressure on women to be “good“. Be good daughters, wives, sisters, mothers, portraying almost as if “good” women do not make mistakes or go against the will of people who they claim to care about. This might seem like a mere concern but sometimes becomes a burden on women as it creates pressure on them to follow a certain norm that society thinks is apt for women. From my viewpoint, I have always found this to be toxic. While this may be good for women in some cases, it does build certain walls around them and what they desire. I have often heard people segregate women into categories based on their judgement if they see a woman doing something that does not fit their definition of a “good woman“. For this women’s day, I hope people get the perspective that women are only humans and we don’t need to fit the “good” definition to be our fantastic selves!

What do you think?

Written by Urvashi

With a degree in media science, I spend most of my time writing, trying to explore the content world with a wish to make it big someday!

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