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8 Types of Classic Footwear to Have in Your Wardrobe

A simple pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. While we always go after the latest fashion and purchase whatever we find is on-trend and later regret, we often skip the ones that come under classics and essentials. We all somewhere down the line might have made this mistake of ignoring the classics and going after the trend. Good footwear is like a long-term investment and this list will help you tick the essentials off your bucket list making sure you land up with nothing but a closet full of classics and fashionable footwear. Let’s get started.

Types of Classic Footwear to Have in Your Wardrobe

1. Sneakers


Sneakers are one of the most basic of all footwear and very trendy at the same time. A basic white sneaker is a must and extremely versatile. It can be paired with anything and on any occasion effortlessly and with style. White sneakers play an important role in creating a balance and adding a chic vibe to your outfit. Other than white sneakers you can also experiment with other shades such as black or nude shade sneakers, or pretty much anything that suits your style the best. 

2. Mojaris

Mojaris should be a part of your footwear collection if you love ethnic wear. Not only are they pretty but also extremely comfortable. Mojaris are available in a lot of shades and patterns, but a printed one beats all. It has the power to create a beautiful effect if worn right. You can also style simple mojaris with your jeans and shirt to create a different look than your regular wear. 

3. Boots


Another basic yet classic addition to your collection should be basic black, white, brown, or nude colour boots. Basic high-ankle boots can be paired with anything from your work outfits to a fun brunch outfit look. It is extremely comfortable and can be styled with pretty much anything that makes it a good investment. 

Knee-high boots are also a kind of boot to have in your wardrobe. Knee-high boots can be styled in a lot of ways and give your entire look a chic vibe. You can style them with skirts, jeans, and even dresses. The versatility factor makes boots a must-have in your wardrobe. 

4. Pumps


Pumps are essential in your wardrobe and we are going to tell you all the reasons why it is everyone’s favourite. A pair of gorgeous black pumps brings out another side of any outfit you try to pull it off with and makes you look absolutely stunning. Pumps can be styled with almost with every outfit and go with any occasion be it a party, a wedding, and even work. Go for classic shapes and cuts rather than the trendy ones for an elegant touch to your outfit. Pumps in nude or lighter shade should also be a part of your classic footwear collection. While picking a shade in nude always go for the one that compliments your skin than just simply going for the one that everyone else is going for. Remember, your personal style and choice are always what you need to stand out. 


5. T-type Sandals

T-type sandals are perfect to put together an effortless look. There are many ways to style them but it fits like a piece of a puzzle on all your summer outfits. It is a must to create a bohemian outfit and adds all the vibe to this particular look. T-type sandals are extremely comfortable and blend in perfectly with floral dresses, beachwear, ethnic wear, denim, and even your basic casual wear. 

6. Strappy

A pair of strappy sandals is all you need to stand out on your glamorous evening party look. Strappy sandals create a stunning effect and give your outfit that edgy yet stylish look it needs. They can be paired with all kinds of dresses and even your ethnic wear. It adds that extra touch of style that your outfit needs to be owned by you. 

7. Make a statement

We all should own a pair of statement heels for all those special occasions and glamorous nights where you get to add a little colour and glitter to your outfits. Pick the right shade, cut, and shape of your statement heels to make it versatile. Statement heels make your outfits pop and add that extra confidence you need to pull off a chic look together.

8. Loafers


While this pair in the footwear category is tricky to be styled the right way, it surely deserves a place in your collection. Loafers are all in and can make your outfit look different yet sophisticated at the same time. One mistake people often make is that they style it with the wrong outfit and regret later. Loafers go best with formal outfits and if you are new at wearing these footwear make sure to go for black or nude shades. 

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