Types of Cheese and How Can They Be Used

Its varied uses were originally not a part of the Indian cuisine. But in the recent decades we have grown to love it and most of our fast food today includes cheese. Most of the famous cheese varieties in the Indian market are processed cheese or cottage cheese, better known as paneer. Here is a list of the cheese you must have heard about and its uses:



A semi soft delightful cheese made originally from the milk of the water buffalo by using the process of pasta filata (spinning and cutting). Origins lie in Italy. The special characteristic of the cheese is that it is soft and does not have a very strong texture though it gets creamier as it is cooked. Ideal option for pizza!


An extra hard cheese made in Italy which is used by them to go with their spaghetti. It is regulated and thus the original parmesan is highly expensive, though other cheese are sold as parmesan. Usually grated into a dish.


This is Britain’s highest selling cheese and made in a village in England, called Cheddar itself. Aged Cheddar has a sharp flavor and usually used on sandwiches and burgers. It is the most popular cheese in the west after mozzarella and its largest producer is the brand Kraft.

Blue cheese

Blue cheese gets its name from its appearance- it has blue veins spread across the cheese and has a sharp distinct smell. The process of making it involves dusting a mold like pencillium, which then enters the interior of the cheese. Holes are drilled for the mold to enter and the cheese is thus aged in the process. Its bold flavour is not favoured by some, but definitely worth a bite!

Processed cheese

Processed cheese in India manufactured by Amul, followed by Britannia, though Amul is way ahead of the competition as of now, dominates processed cheese in India. Though these were the brands available in the market and dominant for the last decade or so, a growing sense of awareness of imported cheese is gripping the market as flavors are being recognised.

Cottage cheese

Last but not the least, we must remember the most commonly known cheese in India- cottage cheese or paneer made in most Indian homes and used as a fresh cheese. It is used most widely in North and Central India as a rich source of protein and made in a variety of ways.

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