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The World Awaits: Travel Groups Exclusively for Women

Why should boys have all the fun? I am sure you have all heard this, as you grew up watching Bollywood actresses such as Alia Bhatt or Priyanka Chopra endorse the Hero range of two-wheelers for women. Well, we women are entitled to have our share of fun as well! I am sure you are fed up with watching your guy – friends going on trips with their pack while you just look at their pictures and wish for the same.

You need not just watch anymore as times are fast-changing and becoming much better for us women to go out there and let the world watch as we claim our share of fun! Women have preferred to stay behind without feeding their adventurous selves for one main reason – safety. To cast away those worries or insecurities, organizers have come up with women exclusive travel groups as an apt solution. Here is a list of highly-rated and recommended travel groups to look out for.

Byond Travel

‘If you love travelling, you’re one of us’. This is one of the first things you will notice as you open the website of Byond Travel. True, isn’t it? Among all the ways people come closer, travel is something that naturally bonds people together. And what better way than a gang of girls tripping all over! Byond stands true to its name; the trips organised here extend beyond the nation’s borders and allows women to choose from more than 50 countries to explore. 

This Bangalore based company kicked off in 2014 and since then has helped women to visit different lands, explore their music, arts, food, culture and people. The community is growing steadily, with around 40,000 members currently. You can forget all your worries about safety as Byond makes sure each woman feels safe and comfortable throughout her holiday. 

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WOW Club

‘Women, be bold. Wander the universe’. This is what the founder of the WOW club, Sumitra Senapaty, has to say to women. She has personally travelled to different countries and personally curated itineraries to offer women the best authentic experience. WOW club also customises trips for your girl gang based on your convenience. You can choose your holiday themes like adventure, wildlife, spirituality, leisure or culture.


A unique feature of this organiser is that they also offer tailor-made itineraries for women who want to explore solo! What could be perfect than detaching yourself from everyday life, discovering foreign lands and rediscovering yourself? However, the trips are limited within India only. Don’t let that stop you from checking out their website as India is immensely beautiful and I am sure you will be baffled at what our country has in store for us. 


Wovoyage caters to women from all over the world with offices in India, Japan and Australia. They aim to empower women to travel the world in a safer, comfortable and more personalised way. With their campaign #aloneican, they hope to break age-old stereotypes that have restricted women for ages and hope to shatter such ideas by curating travel experiences exclusively for women. They offer a good variety of travel options within India and the world as well. However, most of the destinations are limited to Asia; they do have packages for other countries like Egypt, Tanzania and Dubai. 

Wonderful World – Women On Their Own Trip

This Noida based company that started in 2013 seeks to provide women with their freedom and a chance to rediscover themselves by creating memorable and comfortable trips in India and the world. They create offbeat itineraries keeping the female in mind and seek to satisfy her every step of the journey. It doesn’t matter if you are an adventure junkie or a stressed working woman looking for a relaxing time, they have you covered. From India to Europe, you have compelling destinations to choose from. At any time, the travel group does not exceed more than 14 women as they aim to make the trip as intimate as possible. 

The best thing about these travel groups is that they include women from all age groups. You can find an age range from 18 to 65! Apart from the safety features, the beautiful relationships that are formed extend beyond the trip, for a lifetime. Most of these companies have a loud female voice and are devoted to empowering women by offering them a chance to see the world. If you love travelling and exploring the world, don’t let anyone stop you. Pack your bag, camera and glasses, girl! The world awaits. 

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Written by Thrinethra Serman

Thrinethra is a passionate writer, obsessive binge watcher and dog lover. She loves to explore and experience new, exciting stuff and her ultimate goal is to travel the world and share her stories. "The only thing you need to remember is this, 'YOLO', so don't let anyone or anything stop you from chasing your dreams".

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