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Top Ten Hot Jobs in 2021

If you are aspiring for one of the best jobs in India, the salary package is not the only factor, the market trends and security also matters the most.

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The search for jobs is never-ending, either people want to start their careers or land a better job than the existing one. With time, demand for specific jobs increases and on the other hand some job options become the future. In such a case, Covid is the most evident example, the market for healthcare staff and pharmacy has boomed its way up.

Now, how to know what jobs are in demand right now? Well, the answer is elucidated in the story below.

1. Data Scientist

Beginning from the IT Sector, data scientists have proven to be one of the most demandable and dependable career scopes. We indeed reside in a digital world, where “data is the new currency”. The rise of e-commerce up to almost 20% just during the first phases of covid has added more value to this. Data scientists study the existing business data, structure the unstructured data, produce required algorithms, and analyze business targets which provide insights for others to simply understand what is what and what is needed to grow.

How qualified are you?

By now we are clear, this involves a high amount of knowledge and skill. Computer Science, Advanced Programming, Mathematics, Analytics and Statistics, Business Studies, actually the more you know the better are your chances.

2. Blockchain Developer

After the cryptocurrency craze began, people have shown a lot of interest in it. This is where Blockchain technology gets involved. Blockchain is a digital ledger stored with records of digital assets. This system is highly effective as it is not authoritative in nature and information cannot be tampered with. This whole Blockchain technology is maintained by a Blockchain Developer. They must research as well as execute this complicated process, ensuring that the system is compact avoiding any sort of cyber threat

How qualified are you?

Blockchain architecture, of course, one opting for this path has to know A to Z about its structure. Cryptography, the field where blockchain is widely used to secure digital transactions. Data structures, Smart contracts, Coding, and Advanced Programming languages, and also Web Development. One can never know enough about this field.

3. Digital Content Creators

Who doesn’t want to become an influencer? it’s like every teenage dream. But this can also be a great source of income. There are many full-time creators all over the globe, just as content creators, bloggers, content coordinators, everyone one willing to portray their creativity. Digital creators sell their creativity online, which could be any form of art, information or skill.

How qualified are you?

There are no special academic qualifications required for this. It all comes down to how inventive and entertaining you are with your audience. If you want to work in this sector, you’ll need management, communication, and presentation abilities. You’ll also need to be consistent and dedicated because it’s a competitive job, and you’ll need to know about social media algorithms. You must make your content search engine friendly in today’s marketing landscape.

4. Workplace Diversity Expert

Simply put, workplace diversity refers to a company’s decision to recruit a varied group of people. Diversity is frequently misunderstood to refer just to issues of color, ethnicity, age, sexuality, language, educational background, and so on. However, workplace diversity doesn’t not only focus on these factors but also ensure that all employees have an equal opportunity to participate. Equal participation opportunity eventually allows the deserved candidate which is directly proportional to the company’s growth. Sometimes, diversity consultants may also be in charge of engaging the public via a company’s media outlets, acting as a public relations agent to improve the brand’s image.

How qualified are you?

A bachelor’s degree in a human resources-related stream. In addition, vast knowledge about federal laws regarding diversity, a broader perspective towards humanitarian, and great organizing skills.

5. Digital Marketing

With every business going online, Digital marketing is a successful career to go for. Explaining Digital Marketing is not so complicated, it is just executing a marketing campaign online (social media, websites, and other online platforms). Digital marketing makes it easy for you to track your campaigns, which allows you to adapt and drive better results, other than that it is cheaper and more engaging than broadcast marketing and traditional marketing. So, in the era of smart phones why opt for telephones. Digital marketers research the industry and create an ad strategy based on their findings. Because a Digital Marketing Agency requires a Content Writer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and Developer, all of which are wonderful job prospects today, this profession offers up a lot of employment options.

How qualified are you?

Should be a multitasker, knowledge of Photo and video editing software, Content Analysis, Social Media Algorithms, SEO, Marketing, and Sales skills. Basic coding knowledge is an additional value. If you won’t get hired as a high-paid Digital Marketer you need to have these skills including a Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Business or specifically Digital Marketing.

6. Psychologists/Counsellor/Mental Health Specialist

Mental Health awareness has expanded during the Covid circumstances. In general, too public’s understanding of the necessity for stable mental health has broadened. An expert in such a contributing field always stays in demand. Psychologists are different from Psychiatrists, while psychologists aim for therapy and cannot suggest any medication on the other hand psychiatrists can prescribe medication as well conduct therapy sessions.

How qualified you are?

A degree BA or BSc in Psychology, along with proficiency in personality development, psychotherapy, stress management and neuro-psychology. A psychologist should be a good listener, empathetic, and have great communication skills.

7. Full-stack Web Developer

Every business or corporation, as we all know, is deciding to go online. People want to obtain everything online since it is convenient, time-saving, and energy-saving, thus every business starts its website. To establish a website, two specialists must be hired: a web designer and a web developer. However, to save money, consumers prefer to use professionals who are familiar with the entire website from top to bottom.

A full-stack web developer is someone who works on both the front and back ends of a website or application, which implies they can build projects combining databases, user-facing websites and even collaborate with customers during the planning stage.

How qualified are you?

Proficiency with fundamental front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Well known to JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS, Ember, and React. An extensive grasp of Web architecture, basic design skills, and other Back end languages. Topping it with great organizational and project management skills. Freelancing is the best way to continue a career on this.

8. Content Writers

The information you are reading right now is written by a Content Writer. When you Google something and the information you get available at your click is all written by content writers. The digital world has gifted writers, this magnificent opportunity. A website to run needs content to upload when Content writers come to the rescue. Content Writing is quite a in demand right now. There are many types of Content Writers such as Academic Content Writer, Blog Writers Copywriters (who write content for advertisement graphics), etc.

How qualified are you?

First and foremost, you need to be passionate about writing and have a creative thought process. Basic knowledge of SEO, Writing, and Social Media. Also should possess strong research and management skills.

9. Event Manager/Organiser

Reputable firms and organizations host a great number of events for commercial engagement and public relations, and even family gatherings are now entrusted to specialists. An event manager is responsible for all aspects of planning and executing the event for which they have been appointed. They look after every arena around an event, such as decor, catering, entertainment, transportation, location, guest list, and promotional activities.

How qualified are you?

The key skill is creativity, attention to detail, punctual, multi-tasker, and should be good with managing finance. Communication and networking is a sign of a potential event manage. No such specific degree is required.

10. Healthcare Staff

Covid has brought the shortage of Healthcare workers into the limelight. Statistics predicted that the demand for health care staff has risen to 16% since the pandemic. People are also appointing personal healthcare facilities, after the outbreak of Covid. The need for abundant workers in the healthcare sector is being taken very seriously.

How qualified are you?

Again this too depends on the position you are opting for. If you choose to become a nurse then a degree in Nursing is required. Other healthcare staff like the sanitation staff and assistance staff does not require any specific skills.

So, if you’re looking for work, you may attempt one of these possibilities, but your success will be determined by how much time and devotion you put into it. There is no requirement to pursue a career on the top ten list; every job necessitates perseverance and hard effort. Go after your dreams, all of you young minds out there.

What do you think?

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