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Top Stories Concerning Women This Week: 7 Nov

Here’s a roundup of this week’s top stories concerning women across the world.

Top Stories

With chaos and celebration acting as flip sides of the same coin in the world, women continue to stand up for themselves and their rights and opinions. Another week and tons of stories of strength and resilience from the world of women. While one part of the world sees protests and fights for survival and their rights, the other sees some firsts and achievements.

From some government initiatives in favour of women empowerment to demand a gender park solely for women, this week’s top news has a lot to catch up on. So without much delay, let’s look at this week’s top stories concerning women.

1. On Bhaubeej, BEST to launch 100 special buses for women

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) will unveil 100 customised buses for women on the occasion of the Bhaubeej on Saturday. With the addition of this bus, the total number of female special buses in the BEST fleet will rise to 137. According to officials, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray came up with the concept for the buses because he wanted ladies to be able to travel safely and comfortably. “Nearly 90% of these buses will be electrically powered and air-conditioned, with the remainder being non-AC vehicles,” the official stated. The buses will run on 70 different routes around the city, largely in the nights and mornings.

2. Demand to throw open Gender Park fully to women

President of NISA, a Kozhikode-based organisation for progressive Muslim women, V.P. Zuhra, has requested that the State government take immediate steps to make the city’s Gender Park campus helpful to women. Despite two inaugurations, the first six years ago, Ms. Zuhra pointed out that the Gender Park’s facilities have yet to be of any use to women. The facility, which was envisioned as a platform to unite numerous programmes for women and transgender people, has so far cost the government a total of 26 crore rupees. However, it has yet to be made available to women. She said that the absence of a full-time director for the Gender Park, as well as attempting to supervise it from afar, was the cause of the failure.

3. Dr. Rachel Levine becomes US’s first transgender four-star officer

Dr Rachel Levine, the United States’ most senior transgender official, made history by becoming the country’s first openly transgender four-star officer across all eight uniformed services. The United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, whose 6,000 uniformed officers are tasked with defending the nation’s public health, swore in Levine, the assistant secretary of health, as an admiral on Tuesday. With her promotion, Levine became the organization’s first female four-star officer. Levine will be in charge of mobilising the country’s public health personnel to respond to emergencies ranging from the coronavirus epidemic, which has claimed the lives of more than 725,000 Americans, to natural catastrophes like flooding.

4. Kerala to host senior women’s national football championship

Kerala was accepted by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) on Saturday as the location for the senior women’s national tournament, which will take place from November 25 to December 9. Kerala has been selected as the host of the next senior women’s national football tournament by the AIFF executive committee. Three venues and five stadiums will host the senior women’s nationals.

5. Mamata calls for ‘Parivartan’, women empowerment in Goa

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called for ‘parivartan‘ in the state during a visit to Goa on Friday. She stated that the Trinamool Congress has come to Goa to deliver “good change” through its youth and women’s empowerment platform. “Unemployment must be eliminated, the fishing sector revived, and the rising criminality against women in Goa must be stopped. We will empower women throughout the state, just as we did in Bengal, through a variety of social programmes aimed at education, empowerment, and other issues. Women’s empowerment has been a priority for us, and 41 per cent of Trinamool women have been elected to Parliament. In Goa, we’ll create a comparable model” she stated.

6. M Sangavi is the first tribal girl to pass NEET in M Nanjappanur village of Tamil Nadu

She was the first tribal girl to complete Class XII in Tamil Nadu’s M Nanjappanur village in the Coimbatore district. She’s now got a new feather in her cap. Her NEET test resulted in a score of 202. She is now hoping to enrol in a government medical college to pursue an MBBS degree. She was a member of the Malasar tribe. She wants to be a doctor because she wants to help others in her community who are sick. She is overjoyed since she has not disappointed the villagers and has received decent grades in NEET.

7. Meet the 14-year-old baker, Araddhitta Goenka whose Miracle Project is helping raise funds

Aradhitta Goenka, a fourteen-year-old girl, set out to bake with a purpose. Miracle Project, her baking endeavour, is committed to assisting outstanding charities to earn money for important issues. She used her love of baking and painting to raise money for cancer patients, orphaned children, flood relief efforts, and a variety of other causes.

Goenka, who is still in high school, was motivated by a book to become involved early and assist society tackle problems large and small. She recently launched her newest Diwali endeavour, ‘Back to Roots,’ where she sells wholesome, nutritious treats like chocolate chip cookies, caramel sponge cake, carefully designed Diwali gifts, and resin cake stands, among other things. All of the earnings from this initiative will go to the West Wind Association, through which she supports the Jai Vakeel Foundation (which supports the education of mentally challenged children) as well as a few other children’s welfare NGOs.

8. Gujarat Govt Gives 15-Day Parole To Women Prisoners To Celebrate Diwali With Families

Gujarat’s state administration has agreed to provide 15-day release to female inmates and those over the age of 60. According to the official press release, parole will only be granted to inmates who have not been charged with a major crime. The decision was made as part of the state government’s efforts to modernise the prison system and improve the well-being of inmates. On Diwali, the inmates would allegedly be fed festive food and sweets. “The prisons will be decked with flowers and rangoli will be prepared,” the official stated. In the evening, candles and diyas will be lit.

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