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Top Stories Concerning Women This Week: 28 Nov

Here’s a roundup of this week’s top stories concerning women across the world.

Top Stories concerning Women
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The world has always seen revolutionary decisions made by strong-willed and powerful women throughout the centuries. Women have never shied away to fight for their rights and protest for fair things.

Stories of Researcher Barnali Das, issues of violence against women, camps for disabled people comprise this week’s top news concerning women. Read through to catch up on this week’s top stories concerning women.

1. Survey finds India has more women than men for the first time

According to a government poll, India now has more women than males for the first time in recorded history and is no longer enjoying a population boom, indicating substantial socio-economic upheavals in the country. According to the government’s fifth National Family and Health Survey (NFHS), India presently has 1,020 women for every 1,000 males between 2019 and 2021.

India’s shift to a female-dominated population is also a watershed moment for a country known for centuries as “missing women,” alluding to the millions of girls who were slain before or shortly after birth owing to a cultural shame attached to having a daughter. It shows that progress is being made in the fight against sex-selective abortions, female foeticide, and the neglect of girls and women, all of which have had a significant influence on the female population.

2. Women representation to increase in Rajasthan cabinet with the induction of two new faces

On Sunday, two more women will be inducted into the Rajasthan Cabinet. Shakuntala Rawat and Zahida will be sworn in as new ministers, while Mamta Bhupesh will be sworn in as cabinet minister after being promoted from minister of state to cabinet minister, bringing the total number of women in Ashok Gehlot’s government to three. Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi championed women’s empowerment and leadership. Women make up fifteen of the 108 members of Congress in the House of 200.

3. UN raises the issue of violence against women, girls in Afghanistan

On the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the United Nations in Afghanistan urged everyone to take tangible steps to eradicate violence against women (EVAW). The international community must pay attention to the voices of the marginalized.

Afghanistan has one of the worst rates of violence against women in the world, with nine out of ten women experiencing intimate partner abuse at some point in their lives. Due to constraints on women and girls’ enjoyment of their rights and freedoms, notably women’s ability to work and freedom of movement, violence against women and girls has escalated in Afghanistan. While the need for services has grown, survivors of abuse have had a significant influence on access to critical services.

4. Kerela school to have gender-neutral uniforms

Valayanchirangara government Lower Primary School, which has 754 pupils and is located near Perumbavoor in Ernakulam district, has taken the first step towards gender neutrality by introducing a new uniform for all children: 3/4th shorts and shirt, regardless of gender.

The new dress code was implemented in the lower primary portion of the school in 2018, and it was expanded to all kids this academic year when the schools reopened following the pandemic-induced shutdown. Pockets are included in the girls’ uniforms. General Education Minister V Sivankutty praised the LP school’s initiative, saying the government will encourage such gender-inclusive events.

5. Assam researcher Barnali Das discovered exotic Radio Stars hotter than the sun

A team of Assamese researchers discovered eight strange radio stars that are hotter than the sun. Barnali Das stated that the research would not have been possible without the enthusiastic participation of her supervisor, Professor Poonam Chandra, and her team. The magnetic fields of these eight stars are very powerful, and they feature a continual flow of charged particles known as stellar wind. According to sources, the scientists used an upgraded Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (uGMRT) to discover the presence of these stars.

6. Karur MP S Jothimani demanding special camps for Disabled persons

S Jothimani, a Member of Parliament from Tamil Nadu’s Karur district, has been protesting at the district collector’s office for the past two days. She is pleading with the collector to enable her to hold special camps for chosen recipients who can benefit from assistive gadgets provided by the Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation (ALIMCO) for disabled people. She said that she had sought permission from the central government to hold ALIMCO camps, but that the district collectors were preventing her from doing so.

7. Rajasthan bride requests father to use dowry money to build girls’ hostel

A Rajasthan bride, seeing the critical need to encourage girls’ education, asks her father before the wedding to donate the money set aside for her dowry to the noble cause of building a girls’ hostel. On November 21, Anjali Kanwar married Praveen Singh. In Barmer, she is the daughter of Kishore Singh Kanod. Her father handed Anjali a blank check and told her she could write whatever amount she wanted on it. The father consented and provided Rs. 75 lakh for the ladies’ hostel’s development.

8. Samantha Ruth Prabhu to make International film debut as a bisexual character

On a progressive note for Indian Cinema, the movie is set to represent the LGBTQI+ on the screens in a positive lead role. Samantha Ruth Prabhu has been cast in the British translation of Indian novelist Timeri N Murari’s novel Arrangements of Love. Samantha will play a bisexual female investigator in the film. Philip John, a British Academy Film and Television Award winner best known for his work on Downton Abbey, Ashes To Ashes, and Being Human, will direct the film. Samantha revealed that her character is multifaceted and that playing her will be both a struggle and an opportunity for her.

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