Top Stories Concerning Women This Week: 24 Apr

Here’s a roundup of this week’s top stories concerning women across the world.

Top Stories Concerning Women This Week
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This week’s top stories include the Women ski jumpers, Grammy museum celebrating women in country music, Women’s IPL, Kalpana Chawla award to honour female achievements, Bladder drugs availability to women without prescription and more.

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1. Women ski jumpers will ski fly

On Wednesday, the International Federation of Skiing (FIS) Sub-Committee voted 14-0 to enable women to compete in ski flying in the winter of 2022-23, according to the FIS website. To be confirmed, the idea must be presented to the Ski Jumping Committee on May 9.

The release stated “We all agreed to open this door for the women. There are still many questions and fears about safety and other issues, but the time has come for the women to begin skiing on a flying slope.”

The world premiere of women’s ski flying could take place as part of Raw Air 2023 in Vikersund, Norway, but it will not be a World Cup event. Only the top 15 in the Raw Air standings are expected to compete, therefore not everyone on the World Cup circuit will be allowed to take part.

Athletes must also be over the age of 18 to compete. Anders Johnson, USA Nordic Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup Coach, described the event as “very thrilling.” He also added that he believes it is the next logical step in demonstrating how far women’s ski jumping has progressed in the last ten years. The ultimate of ski jumping is to go ski soaring.

2. Grammy Museum to Host ‘The Power of Women in Country Music’ Exhibit

The Grammy Museum will open a new exhibit on May 27 that celebrates women in country music, with artefacts and information from the careers of 70 female country singers.

The show, titled “The Power of Women in Country Music,” features Rosanne Cash, Mickey Guyton, Rissi Palmer, Dolly Parton, Carly Pearce, LeAnn Rimes, Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, and others. The exhibit also explores the past and present of female country performers, including Maybelle and Sara Carter, Patsy Montana, Patsy Cline, Wanda Jackson, Emmylou Harris, Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, Yola, Maren Morris, Brandi Carlile, and others.

Parton’s attire from her Grand Ole Opry performance of “Joshua” in 1971, as well as her bespoke butterfly-inlaid Gibson banjo and Emmylou Harris’ Manuel Cuevas boots, which she wore for the album cover of her 1979 record Blue Kentucky Girl, will be on display. The show also includes a Daisy Rock acoustic guitar, Rosanne Cash’s Martin OM-28M acoustic guitar, Wanda Jackson’s pink fringed blazer, and Rosanne Cash’s Martin OM-28M acoustic guitar. Reba McEntire’s pink dressing gown from the 1993 music video for “Does He Love You” is included, as well as Shania Twain’s clothing.

3. Women’s IPL

The Women’s Indian Premier League will most likely begin shortly. The question of when women’s IPL will become a reality has been debated for a long time. When officials met at the last governing council meeting, it was thoroughly discussed how it would be prepared and organized. This league has long been a dream of the BCCI, and it may soon become a reality for female cricketers all around the world.

As they also have to organize the men’s IPL, the BCCI is already preparing how many teams they will have and what window will work best for next year’s women’s IPL. They are unable to disclose many details at this time, but they are very excited about the league, and several franchises have already expressed interest in participating. They plan to begin with six teams, as well as the auction process and other important aspects of the competition.

Women’s IPL is a long-debated topic that has been on the table for a long time and will soon be written down. As of now, everything is just on paper; it will take time to streamline everything; there are many aspects to consider, such as proper planning, auctions, and teams; however, the BCCI may start the Women’s IPL in August, but this is only a guess; once everything is finalized, it will be discussed and an official announcement will be made. This issue will also be reviewed at the AGM to formally stamp it.

4. FC Barcelona celebrates women’s empowerment throughout the Asia Pacific

FC Barcelona is a club that values diversity, equality, and inclusion. As part of this commitment, the Club has developed a global campaign in which it has partnered with its Asian Pacific fans to raise awareness about the importance of women in sport and general female empowerment. Over the last month, FC Barcelona has collaborated with artists, influencers, and Barça Academies in China, India, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia to create content that celebrates women’s contributions to sport and society.

In addition, the Club exhibited a piece of street art in the heart of Hong Kong, home of FC Barcelona’s APAC offices, to commemorate the achievements of the Barça Women’s team and the importance of women’s sport. The artwork was created by two local female painters and was inspired by Barça’s International Women’s Day celebrations, which included the Club painting the female emblem on the Camp Nou pitch and other facilities.

This action comes after the squad signed a historic treble last year, winning the league, the Queen’s Cup, and the Champions League in front of 91,553 Culers on March 30 at Camp Nou. It was the very first time a women’s team played in front of a crowd at the Stadium, and Barça set a new world record for female fan attendance that day.

5. Kalpana Chawla award introduced to honour female achievements

Science India Forum (SIF) UAE, a non-profit voluntary organization, has launched the Kalpana Chawla Women Achievers Awards 2022 to recognize women achievers in the UAE. Indian missions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as community leaders, scientists, and academicians, have backed the project. Kalpana Chawla, an Indian-American astronaut, was the first woman of Indian ancestry to travel into space.

“Women need to be self-motivated as they will continue to confront challenges in all personal and professional areas,” Dr Zulekha Daud, founder, and chairman of Zulekha Healthcare Group and chair of the award’s organizing committee said in a press statement. Any desire to make a change in their lives must be fueled by their determination and bravery. Find your ambition and go after it; nothing can stop you since you have powers that no human can take away.” Nominations are accepted until April 25 on the SIF UAE website. An experienced panel will choose the ultimate winners, who will be announced in Dubai on May 21.

— by Akansha

6. Hyderabad maintains privacy for women in Mosques

A little more than an hour after the sirens have stopped and Muslims have broken their almost 13-hour fast, numbers of mosques in Hyderabad prepare for Taraweeh worshippers (extended night prayers). Men enter these mosques, some from work, some from home. But there’s more to it. Women are spotted entering prayer halls and joining the crowd in at least a dozen mosques across the city, some wearing burqas, and others in the hijab.

Women report that worshipping in a group provides them with a great sense of community. It also adds to the piety with which Ramzan is regarded. “During Ramzan, getting ready, going to the masjid, and even walking to the gate has a different vibe. You are aware that whatever you do is for Allah’s sake. “And because it’s such a pure month, the sensation multiplies,” adds entrepreneur Syeda Naina Hussain.

7. Women asked if bladder drug should be available to buy without prescription

A pill to help treat an overactive bladder could soon be available to buy in the UK without prescription. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) wants to hear from women and doctors. Aquiette tablets are used to treat the “need to pee” syndrome, which can result in frequent toilet trips and upsetting accidents. Symptoms include needing to urinate at least eight times each day and more than once at night. It would be the first time that a drug for overactive bladder would be offered without a prescription. “For many women, an overactive bladder may make day-to-day living exceedingly difficult,” said Dr. Laura Squire of the MHRA.

“It can influence relationships, employment, and social life, as well as lead to anxiety and despair.” Fortunately, there are medicines available, and beginning today, you will have the opportunity to vote on whether one of those medications, Aquiette, can be made available without a prescription for the first time. When it comes to delicate concerns like bladder control, speaking to a GP may function as a barrier for some women to seek help,” said Minister for Women’s Health Maria Caulfield.

8. Women who face violence in Kolkata find hope at an art exhibition

Weaving Dreams – Women Imagine A Violence-Free World was organized by a feminist organization in Kolkata dedicated to strengthening women’s rights and reducing inequality and violence against women and their children. It was a recent display at the Indian Museum in Kolkata of a tapestry created by 354 survivors of violence with whom the organization works, expressing their aspirations of a violence-free and gender-equal world.

More than 400 people attended, including the ladies who created the tapestry. Kuheli Mondal, one of the survivors, stated, “I’ve been subjected to a great deal of brutality. As a result of my involvement with this organization, I learned how to communicate, how to be brave, and how to live a dignified life. This workshop provided me confidence and motivation.”

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