Top Stories Concerning Women This Week: 16 Jan

Here’s a roundup of this week’s top stories concerning women across the world.

Women's Equality Day
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When it comes to their rights, women had always stood up and battled. Women have fought for women’s rights and representation throughout history in unprecedented numbers. The globe has experienced progress over time and continues to do so in the twenty-first century.

With Unnao Rape Survivor’s Mother being the first woman in congress’s UP poll, Kerela School adopting Gender Neutral greetings, Malvika Bansod’s accomplishments and other comprising top news, this week’s news have a lot to throw light on. Let’s brush up on our knowledge and catch up with the top stories concerning women this week.

1. At least one polling station in each constituency to be managed by women, says Election Commission

To the extent practicable, at least one polling station supervised only by women would be established in each assembly seat in the five states of Goa, Manipur, Punjab, and Rajasthan. Elections in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh were announced on Saturday. As part of its steadfast commitment to gender equality and more constructive engagement of women in the political process, the Election Commission stated. All election officials, including police and security officers, will be women in these polling places.

2. Unnao Rape Survivor’s Mother, ASHA Worker is The Women in Congress’s First List for UP Polls

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, a Congress politician, unveiled a list of 125 candidates for the forthcoming Uttar Pradesh elections on Thursday. The mother of an Unnao rape survivor, an anti-Citizenship Act (CAA) protestor, and an ASHA worker are among the 125 names. The party is hoping to resurrect its fortunes by fielding a large number of female candidates. The most well-known name on the list is Asha Singh, the mother of the Unnao rape victim.

3. The Survivor in the Kerala Actor Case Shakes Kerala’s Patriarchal Totalitarian regime with Her Assertion

On January 10, South Indian actress Bhavana Menon released a social media message in black lettering on a yellow backdrop on her Instagram account, which was shared in both English and Malayalam. The star spoke publicly for the first time about the alleged sexual assault she suffered five years ago in the article. When a victim of violent sexual assault comes out and talks about her path from victim to survivor, she is encapsulating it in all of its political rigour. Her self-assured, first-person claim to survivor status stands in stark contrast to dehumanizing, silencing third-person tales about a victim and her “honour.” Even the legal necessity that the survivor’s identity remains private is used to instil “shame,” despite the fact that “she is not the one who committed the crime.”

4. Citroen apologizes and removes controversial ‘sexual harassment’ advert

French carmaker Citroen put up an Egyptian ad for the C4 model after social media users said it would normalize sexual harassment in countries where women are constantly exposed to unwanted and inappropriate attention from men. It has been deleted. In a statement released Thursday on Instagram, the company apologized to “all communities angry with the movie” and said it would remove it from Citroën’s channel.

This ad was published in early December and features Egyptian pop star, Amr Diab. In a highly produced movie, a 60-year-old singer uses a camera in the rear-view mirror of a car to take a picture of a young woman crossing the street without consent and download the image to her cell phone. This created quite an uproar on social media and garnered negative attention.

5. Pakistan’s first female general hails Saudi Arabia for women-centric reforms

Pakistan’s first female general, Nigar Johar, appointed commander of the Army Medical Corps in November, praised Saudi Arabia for introducing “praiseworthy” reforms to benefit women. Lieutenant Johar entered the Army Medical College in 1981 and graduated four years later. She then became the only woman in the history of the Pakistani army to reach the rank of lieutenant general, and she was asked to lead the corps. She also praised the recent reforms implemented by Saudi Arabia to empower women. In her case, Johal attributed her success as an expert to the Pakistani army’s clear sense of purpose and pay-for-performance system.

6. Women police personnel in Bihar to be provided scooties

The female police officers will soon be provided with scooters so that as soon as there is information about crimes against women and children, they can go to the scene immediately. The Bihar government has begun the process of setting up women’s help desks at all police stations in the state. According to the action plan prepared by the police headquarters, the women’s help desks will be handled by female police officers (sub-inspectors) and police officers.

7. The 20-Year-Old Badminton Champion, Malvika Bansod defeated Saina Nehwal

Badminton player Nagpur Malvika Bansod made headlines after defeating former world No. 1 Saina Nehwal in the second round of the Yonex Sunrise India Open. She became the second Indian after Olympic bronze medalist PV Sindhu to defeat Nehwal in the international tournament. Bansod will then face South Asian medalist Aakarshi Kashyap in the next match of the quarter-finals. The 20-year-old tennis player holds the current world ranking at 111 in badminton sports.

8. Kerela School adopts Gender Neutral greetings- ‘Teacher’ in place of Sir or Madam

The State High School in the village of Orasely is the first school in the state to introduce gender neutrality when talking to teachers. According to Principal H. Venogopalan, the idea of ​​dealing with teachers by gender designation came from one of the male staff. He was inspired by social activist Boban Matumansa, who defended the gender-neutral titles of high-ranking government officials and abolished the practice of calling them “sir” or “madam.” He added, “A new approach to teachers helps students raise awareness of gender equality. “Sir” is a colonial relic that should be abolished. ”

9. Centre asks states to make separate prison wards for transgender inmates.

In an advisory to the state and UT, the US Interior Ministry called on the governor of prisons to establish separate prison wards to protect transgender people in prisons from all forms of exploitation. As reported by Hindus, the proposed correctional facility must be obeyed without being completely isolated or spreading social stigma. The ministry has also established procedures for searches that suggest that they are being performed by people of their preferred gender or trained medical professionals.

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