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Top 9 Ethnic Bengali Sarees of West Bengal

Bengal is well-known for its exclusive collection of fine materials, elite designs, and regal-looking outfits. It is quite obvious that Bengali sarees are regarded as one of the most ethnic and graceful attires for Indian women.

Ethnic Bengali Sarees of West Bengal

It is quite obvious that Bengali sarees are regarded as one of the most ethnic and graceful attires for Indian women. The beauty of Bengali women is portrayed in the movies with the red and white saree. Their beauty is not only restricted to their appearance but also expands to their style, class, and culture.

Bengal is well-known for its exclusive collection of fine materials, elite designs, and regal-looking outfits. Bengali sarees have a wonderful history, and from the birth of the Bengali community, Bengali clothing has changed in lockstep with the times.

We have included nine of the most beautiful types of Bengali sarees that you should buy to upgrade your wardrobe and saree collection.

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1. Baluchari Saree

Pure Silk Baluchari Saree

Baluchari is a type of traditional silk saree with floral or geometrical brocaded motifs on the body. The body of the Baluchari saree is decorated with artistic motifs illustrating Ramayana or Mahabharata stories or depicting various monuments and temples. Other types of Baluchari sarees contain handwork such as animals, foliage, small pictures of humans, marriage rites, rulers riding horses, and so on. The white outlined designs on this saree are one of its distinguishing features. Baluchari sarees are now woven from fine cotton fabrics, finished with stylish crochet trimmings in vibrant colours.

2. Banarasi Saree

Black Banarasi Silk Traditional Woven Saree

Bengali brides look best in regal Banarasi sarees, even though Banarasi sarees originate from Vanaras (Uttar Pradesh). Banarasi sarees are a recent export of West Bengal. Wedding sarees and bridal sarees are very popular in Bengal. Although the saree is exorbitantly priced, women want to wear it because it has an appearance of royalty.

Heavy Border Embroidered Banarasi Saree

3. Dhakai Jamdani Saree

Dhakai Jamdani Saree With Woven Designs

With its roots in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, Jamdani is also popularly referred to as Dhakai Jamdani. However, Dhakai Jamdani sarees are now available in several parts of West Bengal. It is believed that the word Jamdani is derived from two Persian words—jam and dani—which mean flower and vase respectively. Weaving Jamdani is considered one of the most time consuming and labour intensive processes.

Dhakai Jamdani sarees are meticulously created in handlooms with delicate cotton materials by saree weavers. Characterised by intricately designed motifs on an almost transparent, ultra-fine fabric, Jamdani sarees are considered one of finest muslin textiles of Bengal. Bengali women adore these sarees because of their airy fabric, vibrant colours, and intricate handcrafting motifs.

4. Garad Saree

Garad Silk Sarees

When attending an event, dressing up is an important part of the experience. What better way to look elegant than with a saree? Bengali women prefer to wear Garad silk sarees during pujas and other religious occasions. As the term implies, ‘Garad’ means white, which represents purity. Garad sarees usually come in red and white or off-white colour combinations. They are often called the famous Lal-Par saree due to the staple colour combo of red and white.

Garad sarees are distinguished by their crimson border and off-white body. Furthermore, the most traditional Garad sarees are light in weight and easy to transport. Garad Silk is composed of Tussar or Mulberry Silk, which is one of the purest fabrics in the world; this is why Bengali women prefer to wear Garad sarees. Handwoven Garad Silk Sarees are recognized for their red fringe and little paisley themes.

5. Korial Saree

Korial Benarasi
Source: adiakshoy

The Korial saree is the most famous Bengali saree. It is a crisp white saree with a red border. Married women generally wear this simple and timeless saree, especially during the Durga Puja celebrations. It is usually paired with a big red bindi and hair that is tied up in a casual bun. The entire look is effortless and yet, stunning.

6. Murshidabad Silk Saree

Murshidabad Silk Sarees
Source: prativacollection

Silk sarees are not only famous and readily available in the southern part of India. West Bengal also has a plethora of silk sarees that are just lovely. The most famous of these are the Murshidabad silk sarees. These light and airy sarees are printed in pleasing and colourful designs, including the batik print style. They make for an ideal choice from casual get-togethers to bigger functions.

7. Tant Saree

Woven Cotton Tant Saree in Red

Tant sarees are one of the most comfortable sarees to wear regularly. Women feel calm after wearing this saree because it is composed of lightweight cotton fabric, which is ideal for West Bengal’s humid weather. West Bengal’s key Tant saree producing areas include Murshidabad, Nadia, and Hooghly, where you may find exclusive Bengal handloom Tant sarees.

The Tant is guaranteed to be a part of every Bengali woman’s wardrobe. This white and red saree is said to represent the colours of the Goddess Durga and hence, it is worn mostly during the Durga Puja festival.

8. Kantha Embroidered saree

Kantha Tussar Silk Saree
Source: luxurionworld

Kantha embroidered sarees are one of the most popular forms of sarees associated with Bengal. One of the oldest forms of Indian embroidery, Kantha work saree originated in West Bengal. Traditionally used in quilt making, the embroidery gradually made way into sarees. The main motive behind introducing Kantha stitch was to reuse old materials into something new and useful. Extensively practised by rural women, Kantha embroidery was done with a simple running stitch along the edges of sarees or dhotis to make cushions, quilts, blankets, bedspreads etc. But now Kantha embroidery is much more complex and detailed. Weaving a Kantha saree is quite labour intensive as it involves intricate work.

9. Tussar Saree

Motifs Embroidered Silk Tussar Saree
Source: Myntra

Tussar is produced in several places, but on a large scale in West Bengal. Tussar silk sarees make for a really pretty picture. Typically, the patta and the buti style of this saree is famous among Bengali women. Also, the kantha stitch work is most often seen on Tussar silk sarees.

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