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Top 8 Indian Beauty Influencers You Should Be Following

A beauty influencer can be someone who has a large social media following and has a significant effect on her followers’ purchases of beauty products and services.

Top 8 Indian Beauty Influencers You Should Be Following

How many times have we faced a dilemma regarding our cosmetics and makeup products and immediately searched our favourite beauty guru’s advice on the same? We adore our beauty influencers on Instagram, youtube, Tiktok, and other platforms for their efficient content and suggestions that make it easy for us to shop for products.

A beauty influencer can be someone who has a large social media following and has a significant effect on her followers’ purchases of beauty products and services. This is because by offering makeup tips, tutorials, product reviews, vlogs, and other content on social media platforms, the social media user can engage and maintain the attention of her followers.

The Beauty Industry and the Influencer Platform

The beauty sector was one of the first to use influencer marketing, teaming with celebrities to get items off the shelves and into people’s homes. Consumers can now contextualize and see items being utilized with genuine outcomes right in front of their eyes thanks to the adoption of this approach, making influencer marketing a must-have strategy.

Businesses are continuing to significantly invest in influencer marketing, leveraging the power of a tight-knit network of social endorsers to boost brand recognition, enhance social engagement, and ultimately drive sales, as many big companies quickly recognized the potential of this discipline.

While the options and no. of such influencers can be overwhelming, one tends to connect with somebody with who they resonate in terms of many different things. As with any field, the competition and maintaining transparency too gets tough in this field. The main driving force behind the working of this industry is the bond and trust which followers develop with the influencers who are just like them and in return the influencer cater by answering queries and providing an insight into their life.

8 Indian Beauty Influencers You Should be Following

With the number of beauty influencers on the rise, there are a few experts that we return to time and time again for our dose of beauty material.

Here is a list of top beauty influencers in India who have gained a reputation and are followed by people both in India and overseas to help you find your beauty guru.

1. Malvika Sitlani Aryan

No. of Followers: 518k Instagram Handle: @malvikasitlaniofficial

How can we discuss anything beauty-related without mentioning this model-turned-influencer? Malvika is one of the country’s leading beauty influencers today. Her followers enjoy her selfies and photos from her daily life. She also appeared in the inaugural season of India’s Next Top Model on television. Malvika is the beauty guru to go to if you’re looking for a super-glam look for a birthday or wedding. She is also the co-founder & CEO of her brand, MASIC beauty, a cruelty-free, vegan brand selling candles. We like her attention to detail in her YouTube videos and her content creation.

2. Ankush Bahuguna

No. of Followers: 147k Instagram Handle: @wingitwithankush

It’s the 21st Century and we sure know that makeup and skincare has no gender. Slamming all the stigmas related to men doing makeup is Ankush Bahuguna whose video of colour correcting and concealing your dark circles went viral. This Delhi-based male beauty blogger, who is renowned for his comedic videos, has a dedicated Instagram page for makeup and beauty. You’ll watch videos of him not just applying makeup to himself, but also other producers, friends, and family members. His makeup is simple and understated, with a splash of colour here and there. Despite his assertion that he’s not a professional makeup artist and is just winging it,’ he’s winging it rather effectively!

3. Shreya Jain

No. of Followers: 451k Instagram Handle: @shreyajain26

Shreya is a beauty and fashion blogger who has her own YouTube channel where she reviews products, offers beauty advice, uploads beauty videos, and participates in challenges. She creates a lot of DIY projects and posts them on her Instagram and YouTube accounts. While she prefers high-end cosmetics, she often reveals drugstore beauty options that are less expensive. She has had a collaboration product with MAC cosmetics and is CEO of a merchandise brand, called SJ Merch.

4. Swati Verma

No. of Followers: 571k Instagram Handle: @swativerma

Swati Verma, a professional makeup artist, is a pioneer in the realm of beauty blogging. She graduated from the London School of Beauty with a bachelor’s degree in makeup. Swati Verma is a highly competent and educated makeup artist who is well-known for her bridal makeup. She can also create a variety of distinct eye appearances. Swati Cosmetics is also co-founded by her.

5. Natasha Luthra

No. of Followers: 262k Instagram Handle: @natasha.luthra

Investment banker turned beauty influencer and content creator, Natasha Luthra is famous for her blog, Nat on the Rocks where she shared her views on different fashion trends and her out-of-the-box thinking. She’s a well-known influencer who’s recognized for her unique perspective on everything she posts about. Her popularity and excellent work led to her working with several well-known companies, including Jade, Payal Singhal, Loreal, Coach, Moet & Chandon, and Loccitane.

6. Shantanu Dhope

No. of Followers: 40.9k Instagram Handle: @shantanuuu

Recently spotted on the cover page of the Cosmopolitan Magazine, Shantanu has come a long way with expressing his art through makeup representing the queer community as well. Shantanu Dhope’s Instagram is the place to go if you want to see some stunning makeup looks. His page is vibrant, with beautiful styles for every event and he is always up to date on the latest trends. He has some great transition videos with trendy audio that you should check out. Adding the desi twist to most of his outfits, staying loyal to his roots is his mantra.

7. Debasree Banerjee

No. of Followers: 307k Instagram Handle: @debasreee

Debshree Banerjee is a Mumbai-based blogger who is well-known in the beauty blogging community. We adore Debasree’s approach to beauty in so many ways. We’re addicted to her beauty expert ways, whether it’s a lovely eye makeup lesson or her product hauls.

8. Srishti S Bhatia

No. of Followers: 217k Instagram Handle: @stylefashionetc

Srishti Bhatia, a Delhi-based beauty influencer, is another well-known figure in the industry and is one of India’s top beauty influencers. She frequently posts makeup lessons on Instagram, particularly on IGTV. With providing helpful beauty tutorials, Srishti also likes to share her life on Instagram, as well as her current favourite beauty purchase.

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