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Top 7 Small Businesses to Support This Festive Season

We’ve brought to you the top 7 small businesses that sell amazing stuff with good quality. From custom rugs to handmade soaps, we’ve covered it all.

Top 7 Small Businesses in India to Support This Festive Season
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Bored of shopping at the same retailer all the time? It’s time to shift towards small businesses. As we are all aware of the effects of pandemics on the lives of people and the nation’s economy, small businesses have suffered the most. Shopping local has many perks like better customer service, customized options, sustainable and unique products made with love and packed with freebies!

On a bigger scale, every year, India’s small business sector generates 1.3 million jobs and is the second-largest share of employment in the country. Hence contribute towards betterment and explore new things by supporting small businesses.

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So, if you are looking for some new options other than your same old monotonous big retailers, then this article is for you to explore. We’ve brought to you the top seven small businesses that sell amazing stuff with good quality. From custom rugs to custom handmade soaps, we’ve covered all. Now, hop on the wagon and get ready to enter the world of local.

1. Build à Bubble

For all the lovers of long warm bubble baths, their scented soaps and customized bath salts are a perfect addition to your sessions. They have a very good quality affordable range of handcrafted bathing essentials. They even make customized hampers making it an ideal gift for someone. From donut coffee scrub soap to customized name-embedded candy bar soaps, their products are the new addiction in town for all the bath bomb hoarders and you should definitely check them out.

2. Knickgasm

What is better than a new sneaker you ask? A handmade customized sneaker we say. Who doesn’t love the added personal touch to their treasured things? This small business does some amazing personalization according to your wishes at affordable prices. You can even get hoodies and sweatshirts customized with pictures, quotes, etc. Many Instagram influencers can vouch for the credibility of the brand. Try this super cool brand and flaunt your personalized belonging to the world!

3. The Rug Bugs

Didn’t think there’s a way out of boring rugs? Well, this emerging brand is going to prove you absolutely wrong. This homegrown brand makes vegan handmade customized rugs that are of high quality and look super fun and cute. Check them out and redecorate your house with some quirky rugs like abstract panoramic rugs, clock design, embedded witty quotes design, and much more.

4. Wabi Wall Art

This brand makes some mind-blowing 3D wall art with different materials such as plexiglass, wood, and metal frames. The designs are available in all colours and are made according to the preferences of the customers. They even make nameplates and designs like abstracts, references to tv show pictures and celebrities, etc. If you are looking for simple yet elegant wall art that’ll elevate the look of your room, then you should definitely try this brand.

5. Home Canvas

You’ll find perfectly crafted wooden furniture made exclusively for your houses by this brand. They are well known for their STANDi desk and Porto study table. From the customized design of furniture to preloved designs, all are available on this brand’s website.

6. The Hippie Saaz

Bring home some vibrant and colourful curtains to create a cheerful atmosphere in the house. The brand has a variety of handmade home decor products including their bestseller boho ruffle curtain. The brand uplifts local housewives by providing them employment. A limited range of recycled products is also launched every few months to ensure no wastage. Check them out for some quirky and colourful decor.

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7. Textiles of India

Bringing to you textiles from all over India, this brand is well established and promises good quality products. Their product ranges consist of tribal block print fabrics from rural Rajasthan, ajrak prints, Jamdani weaving from West Bengal, Banarasi Silk, and a lot more. Explore these exquisite designs at amazing prices.

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