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Top 7 Must-Try Modern Ayurveda Based Brands

You’ve probably tried turmeric lattes, a flour-based face mask, and an Ashwagandha supplement, but these companies have made it even easier to integrate Ayurvedic practises into your everyday routine.


The beauty industry, like fashion, is rife with trends that end up becoming nothing more than marketing buzzwords for many brands: “clean,” “organic,” “natural,” “sustainable,” and so on. Certain active ingredients, particularly in recent years, are at risk of a similar fate because they are constantly hailed as miracle workers by influencers, skincare enthusiasts, and beauty brands everywhere. If hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, or retinol appear in a product’s ingredient profile, consumers are more likely to try it for the hype factor rather than evaluating its efficacy or the specific skin concern that it is meant to address.

Indian Ayurveda:

Long before the conversation about beauty products became inundated with complicated yet popular terminology (requiring mini-chemistry lessons), there existed a “science” as old as time – Ayurveda. You are not alone if you are unsure of what this all-encompassing practice entails. In an age when consumers are constantly on the lookout for the next “big thing” or a quick fix, it’s no surprise that Ayurveda’s alternative method to healing seems somewhat of a mystery to most.

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian restorative science, has always placed a premium on overall health and well-being. Ayurveda’s benefits and offerings reach into every aspect of your life, from gut-healing concoctions to rituals that help revitalise dull skin.

Cosmetics companies in India and across the world are taking note of Ayurveda’s increasing popularity in the mainstream, and are developing formulas to bring its benefits to your beauty. You’ve probably tried turmeric lattes, a flour-based face mask, and an Ashwagandha supplement, but these companies have made it even easier to integrate Ayurvedic practises into your everyday routine.

1.Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda is a global favourite known for its high-quality ingredients, simple products, and effective formulas. The brand creates beautiful treatments for the face, body, and hair using Ayurvedic healing science. To source, their natural ingredients, the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy and Kama Ayurveda collaborate with local forest communities, small-scale farmers, and artisans. The label is EU certified and free of artificial colours, fragrances, parabens, or petrochemicals, which means new beginnings for us in the world of clean beauty.


This Hong Kong-based beauty and wellness brand, founded by Ayurveda expert Kavita Khosa, is a green beauty champion. The majority of the ingredients in their Ayurvedic formulations are Ecocert certified (the remainder are raw and wild), cruelty-free, vegan, and ethical. The majority of their potent ingredients are sourced from areas surrounding the Himalayan ranges, providing meaningful employment for women in the region. Purearth’s portfolio includes supercharged serums, facial oils, and even beauty tools that are effective and beautifully packaged (in recyclable, reusable packaging) and look as good on your shelf as they do on your skin.

3.Subtle Energies

Subtle Energies combines aromatherapy and Ayurvedic medicine to create body and face products that are both indulgent and effective. Farida Irani, the company’s founder, is a certified clinical aromatherapist, aromatic medicine specialist, and Ayurvedic practitioner with more than 27 years of clinical research experience.

“In the early 90s, I came upon these unique and rare Ayurveda aromatherapy oils. I feel proud, humbled, and grateful to have researched them, seen profound results, and been able to promote these ancient therapeutic ingredients worldwide,” says Irani.

Their ghee-happy lip balms, Ayurvedic mascaras, and kajals are already on our must-have list, and they are the only brand in India to be formally certified annually by the reputed European Certification Agency BDIH of Germany.

4.Taza Ayurveda

This brand, founded by two Columbia Business School graduates who transformed their health by practising Ayurvedic health principles, has only four products (for the time being), a face oil, a body oil, a supplement and a loofah. Each product is developed in collaboration with state-licensed Ayurvedic institutions in India, ensuring that everything is truly authentic and not just trendy.

Eladi Body Oil combines 34 indigenous Indian ingredients to nourish the skin without causing breakouts. From antibacterial sesame oil to antioxidant cardamom and aromatic myrhh, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, there’s something for everyone. To encourage the true inner-outer connection at the heart of Ayurveda, every Taza product comes with a Mala meditation bead bracelet and a truly charming, tiny Chalisa book of mantras.

5.Fable And Mane

Fable & Mane is an Ayurvedic label that draws inspiration from deep cultural roots and sensorial rituals. Its core values are healing, wholeness, and holiness. For centuries, people have used hair oiling and Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients to treat scalp and hair problems. Fable & Mane’s line feels like it was created for me and my hair type, from the growth and moisturising benefits of castor oil, neem, and aloe vera to the nourishing benefits of coconut oil, dashmool, and turmeric. I felt both proud and compelled to try the line — to see myself represented in the mainstream hair-care game for the first time.


Biotique is not a new brand; it has been in existence for more than two decades. Biotique is a Brand in India whose goods are based on ayurvedic recipes culled from authentic Vedic texts. Their packaging always states, ‘This is not a cosmetic product.’ It has healing properties.’ It also states that it is ‘Organically Pure & Preservative Free, Dermatologically Tested for Safety, No Animal Testing.’ This appears to be too good to be true, especially since it comes from a company that does not disclose its entire ingredient list! But the brand is easily available and affordable.

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Written by Kavya

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