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Top 7 Designer Kidswear Brands

We’ve shortlisted the top seven brands that promise the highest quality trendy clothes for the suave upcoming generation of kids.

Top 7 Designer Kidswear Brands

When it comes to fashion, we all can agree that age is just a number. Fashion is the universal language of expression throughout the world. Be it the GenZ, Millennials, or young kids, fashion has a zone for everybody. And parents love the blend of comfort and style for their kids.

Nowadays we have big brands trying to invest in the Kid’s fashion industry owing to its massive growth. But finding good quality fashionable clothes for your kids can be a little troublesome as many parents have not so good understanding of children’s clothing companies, and as a result, they lose out on wonderful goods and that is why we are here to help you out. We’ve shortlisted the top seven brands that promise the highest quality trendy clothes for the suave upcoming generation of kids.

Here’s a list of top seven Designer Kidswear brands. So, grab your wallets and get ready to shop!

1. United Colors of Benetton

One of the top brands that have proven their status in the market with their impeccable designs. Delight your young one with bright clothes that exude joy as they go down the street. United Colors Of Benetton, the trendsetters in the children’s clothing collection, has never failed to wow us with their immaculate styles. The chosen color palettes in each category will captivate your kid as well, with colorful patterns and a range of textures. With UCB shirts and casual sneakers, your children may flaunt a subtle shine. Their recent collection has an elaborate ensemble of joggers, knit pants, denim clothing, polo t-shirts, and more.

2. Ed-a-Mamma

Famous actor, philanthropist, and investor Alia Bhatt has now turned into an entrepreneur by launching a sustainable children’s wear brand, “Ed-a-Mamma“, pegged on storytelling. Children between the ages of 2 and 14 are catered to by the self-funded start-up brand. Ed-a-Mamma is a fully indigenous business that embodies the idea of ‘Vocal for Local.’ The brand’s first run includes three collections: Veggie Squad, Friends of the Ocean, and Candyland, including tops, tees, and shirts, as well as skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and bottoms for small girls and boys. Each series includes one-of-a-kind prints. The clothing is constructed from natural fibers with no plastic buttons or trimmings, and hair ties and potlis are made from scrap fabric, mirroring Alia’s idea of instilling a love of nature in children.

3. Gini & Jony

This brand, particularly in India, has pushed the frontiers of children’s apparel. Gini & Jony is known for being a stylish brand that children like wearing. The winner of the kids wear award, which was established in the 1980s, is a diverse choice to consider. Gini & Jony can make any little munchkin seem adorable, from vivid colors for your young lady to creating elegant t-shirts for your little guy. Every parent may now go out and select an excellent outfit for their child. Gini & Jony now has over 250 locations across India. Gini & Jony has a large selection of children’s clothing and have you covered whether you’re wearing jeans or formals. It is a brand you can trust when it comes to children’s clothing because they’ve been in the industry for decades.

4. Little Kangaroos

In India, Little Kangaroos is a significant wholesaler of children’s clothing. Little Kangaroos was founded in 1996 by Romano Apparels to enter the kids wear industry. Infants and toddlers have been the brand’s main emphasis. They do, however, produce a wide range of clothing for children up to the age of ten. They sell clothing for both boys and girls. Little Kangaroos has a wide range of children’s clothing, including casual, formal, summer, and winter apparel. We believe that exposing your youngster to Little Kangaroos will bring a broad smile to their face. The business is recognized for crafting inexpensive garments with bright colors as the centerpiece, and for offering contemporary patterns in winter wear and denim every season. This brand has become well-known around the world due to its unrivaled quality. With Little Kangaroos, your child will be the focus of attention everywhere he goes.

5. Zara and H&M

The brands are well known for their reputation in the fashion industry. Many of the big celebrities are often spotted wearing these brands. Their kid’s collection matches with their counterpart in terms of quality and stylish look. From funky sneakers, printed Nintendo t-shirts, faux shearling denim jackets to leather boots, scarves, and dungarees, the Zara Kids India collection is here to turn your child’s way into a fashion runway look. They sell high-end items in subdued earth tones with intriguing textures and solid colors for a refined aesthetic. H&M Kids is nowhere behind with its out-of-the-box fashionable clothing for kids. Both of these brands offer premium quality high-end clothes at an affordable range to prevent burning a hole in your pocket. Both offline and online stores provide ease of access to the customers. Get your hands on their latest kid’s collection now!

6. Allen Solly Junior

Allen Solly as a brand is well known globally for its amazing quality goods. Many shoppers will vouch for the credibility of the brand. Allen Solly Junior is the way to go for a sophisticated yet laid-back appearance for your child. With its deluging alternatives, the company abandons traditional trends and embraces the culture of casual clothes. This brand captivates both the youngster and their parents, so there’s no need to search elsewhere for adorable and new costumes. This brand will be your best choice for anything from frocks to t-shirts, jeans to winter clothing.

7. Nee & Oink

Sisters Neelakshi and Oiendrila Ray founded Nee & Oink, a children’s clothing line. Nee & Oink was founded with the goal of incorporating modern fashion into children’s clothing. Nee & Oink has evolved into a well-known children’s apparel label. It is a high-end clothing line that designs stylish outfits for both boys and girls. Traditional Indian garments such as kurtas, lehengas, and dhotis are featured in their collection. All of these gowns have a contemporary and trendy feel. Nee & Oink also provides a broad range of other clothing, such as coats, skirts, and jumpsuits. Their collection can be shopped from walk-in stores, e-commerce sites, and their official site as well.

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