Top 5 Fav Women Writers in India

Indian Women writers have broken social deadlocks and upgraded themselves to the class of educated with the mighty power of pen. Today our genre of Indian writing has creeped the bookshelves rapidly with chick flicks, coffee table, social drama, personal biographies, and endless issues. Among Kiran Desai, Arundhati Roy, Shobha De here we top read from new generation.

Swati Kaushal

In our badge of Indian Authors, we have a desi Agatha Christi with Drop Dead. The new thriller portrays Nikki Marwah as Superintendent of Police in Shimla taking the lead on crime cases. An interesting read for the new-age thrills between the shades of love, murder, drama and case.Romance on her mind, she has turned the dimension of love stories with main protagonist, a women being the lead in chick flicks A Piece of Cake and A Girl Like Me.

Madhulika Liddle

A winner of Femina Thriller Contest in 2001, Madhulika Liddle has been penning down her thoughts and interesting plots in form of short stories. It is 2008, that she has taken the plunge to 300 page novel The Englishma’s Cameo. After this success on Delhi Durbar and Muzzafar Jung, its sequel The Eight Guest, Engraved in Stone are now on racks.
Her some of eccentric collection of short stories is titled “My Lawfully Wedded Husband and Other Stories”.

Preeti Sheenoy

A Mother of Two, a blogger, a columnists and an author to 34 Bubblegums and Candies, Preeti Sheenoy shares 34 real life incidents that turned everyone’s life. Based on real life story, Sheenoy’s fan base have grown up incredibly to change their lives. Reviewing the success, Preeti shared another book named Ankita Sharma. Running with two interesting stories, we all wait patiently for more from her store.

Shivani Singh

The author of three non-chick flick books has made her way stand amongst the Great Indian Authors. A thriller, spiritual, realist, dreamer and courageous Shivani Singh has surprised her readers with magnificent reads The Secret of Sirikot, Lonely Gods and Discover Your Dharma. Grab any of the three page-turner and wait for her fourth scintillating upcoming book in 2013.

Shobha De

Light and glamour of the party from Spouse to Japanese Wife Shobha De brings another talk of the town Sethji. The tales revolves around scandalous frauds, secrets and relations. A relation between a man with intention to own and win everything and a person who upholds her own world of secrets. What happens when the two paths cross each other? Another revelation of a powerful world of lies!

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Written by Madhurima

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