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Top 20 Vegan Food Brands In India

Veganism has grown around the globe, and so here is a list of the top brands.

vegan food

Being vegan is a choice, and you must shop for your food from a reliable vegan food brand. There are numerous vegan food brands you can rely on. one thing all vegans have in common is a plant-based diet avoiding all animal derived foods. Veganism has grown around the globe, and so we have curated a list of

the top vegan food brands in India:

1. Milli’s Kitchen

For vegans, this is one of the best brands with organic fermented Indian cashews. You can also get the Himalayan pink salt and natural seasonings. Besides, cheese spreads and cheese wheels free from dairy and preservatives can uplift your mind, body, and spirit.

2. Veggie Champ by Ahimsa Food

Health-inspired food brands can give you the super delicious and nutritious vegan. Truly unique flavours with affordable treats like various mock dishes, including salami, kebabs, hot dogs, and other platters, make the brand so popular.

3. Vegeta Gold

Vegeta Gold

One of the largest vegan brands can provide vegan alternatives to meat like shiitake mushrooms, soya, and textured vegetable proteins. They manufacture foods with plant-based proteins, flavouring, and applications.

4. Wakao Foods

The vegetarian and made with organic foods from Wakao Foods gives incredible flavour. Mock meat using jackfruit and a menu offering dishes like burger patties, biryani, curries, barbeque chicken, and many more mouth-watering items make the nutritional vegan platters. Besides, you can get 130 gluten-free products.

5. Good Dot

Good Dot
The Udaipur-based brand sells foods with primary protein sources with high-quality ingredients. Ready-to-eat snacks replicate the taste of chicken, mutton, and other meats.

6. Urban Platter

Urban Platter
Vibrant health food company provides the ethically-sourced organic and vegan products. That said, you can attain a healthy body and mind with the dishes. Guilt-free healthy cuisine and culinary choices like barbeque jackfruit meat, Malabar curry, and classic jackfruit meat make the foods better.

7. Vezlay Foods

The leading vegan food provides an enormous selection of plant-based milk products to consumers while replicating actual meat. Enjoy the platter of nutritious, healthy, and delicious foods. Nuggets, kebabs, shawarma, tikkas, noodles are amazing for your taste buds!

8. Imagine Meats

“Guilt-free indulgence” foods like the variety of kebabs, biryani, and other mock meat-based can give a kick to your taste buds.

9. Hari Prasad Mithai Wale

Hari Prasad Mithai Wale
Rose peda and boondi ladoo, to all mithai made with plant-based milks and dry fruits, have built the brand’s reputation. Besides, sweetened with raw sugar or jaggery is an amazing idea.

10. Goodmylk

Plant-based company with popular cashew-oat milk, peanut curd, and vegan mayonnaise is growing with fame. Chai or coffee, spicy food, or some mayo, Bengaluru-based Goodmylk is a one-stop destination for vegan treats.

11. An Ode to Gaia

An Ode to Gaia is a great choice for the ones who like completely dairy-free products. Baked cheesecakes, cupcakes, Macarons, and chunky cookies are famous.

12. MAVI’s CommBucha

MAVI's CommBucha

Vegan-based Food Company refrains from animal cruelty and has plenty of products to satiate vegan cravings. Lightly-fizzy drinks like kokum, ginger, and date, blueberry and rosewater, pomegranate, watermelon, and mint are some of the best drinks to try.

13. Jus’ Amazin

Jus' Amazin

food brand provides Indian desserts, including kheer, kulfi, rabripowder tea, coffee, smoothies, curries, and desserts made from condensed almond milk.

14. Aurosoya

Vegans love the delicious smoked tofu made with organic ingredients. Besides, non-GMO soybeans, that are ready to eat and easy to cook are amazing.

15. Break of Dawn

Plant-based ingredients in breakfast delights like cinnamon-flavored almond milk, vegan parmesan cheese, and banana bread granola make sure of offering flavor-packed meals to vegans.

16. Shougaiwa

Plant-based meat alternatives like Siva’s vegan kimchi made with fermented cabbage, seasonal veggies, and soy sauce prepares flavorful punch packed with probiotics. Cheese equivalents are famous vegan options from the brand.

17. Cherry On Top

Vegan Company is famous for sugar-free delights. Indian mithai, loaf cakes, Chocolates, brownies, or Kaju Katli make them the best dishes.

18. Justbe

Organic Food Company manufactures lip-smacking Crillon Pie or Choco-Chia Pudding.

19. WhiteCub

whitecub icecream
Delicious recipes, including butterscotch and chocolate to natural fruit flavors like Mango, make the dishes quite famous.

20. Bakeart

The highest quality vegan ingredients in Carrot Fudge Cake, Coconut and Almond Ladoos, or Saffron Cake slices give the amazing recipes at your fingertips.

Final words

Plenty of meal plans and quality vegan food brands can satisfy your vegan cravings. Pick them and enjoy your dishes while aiming at better health.

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Written by Pallavi Bose

Extremely passionate about everything she does. Loves to make a small world of her own in this big world. Makeup, fashion, and styling scores the highest on her list. Pallavi is completely starstruck, especially Bollywood.

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