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Top 12 Hottest Nail Colors Of 2021

Bright orange is the ideal spring shade to get a classic zesty look

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The shade of a nail polish shows the incoming of a new season with its brighter and cooler tone. Every occasion and celebration need a glittery touch of nail polish to complete the look.

So, let’s take a look at the top 12 nail polish shades of 2021.

1. Metallic Blush

Metallic shades are in fashion all-round the year. Among these shades, metallic blush is the spark of almost all seasons due to its subtle sparkle and cooler blush tone.

Brand: Bella Voste Metallic Nail Paints Bachelorette Blush
Price: ₹ 99
Quantity: 9 ml

2. Rich Cacao

This shade is a rich yet cooler version of chocolate brown. This darker nail polish shade is a versatile shade as it is perfect for any occasion giving a sophisticated look.

Brand: DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Cocoa Bean
Price: ₹ 295
Quantity: 8 ml

3. Bright Neon

Neon shade is back in fashion as this bright shade adds a sparkly touch to the outfit with its cooler tinted hue.

Brand: Beromt Highlighter Neon Nail Polish
Price: ₹ 199
Quantity: 10 ml

4. Tea Green

Tea green shade gives a little pastel vibe and is perfect for daily use. So, try this warmer and cooler shade of green.

Brand: Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish
Price: ₹ 399
Quantity: 11.7 ml

5. Classic Gray

The opaque and shimmering finish of this shade will make you fall in love with this colour. You can try this shade with your formal outfits.

Brand: Verymiss Premium Matte Nail Polish
Price: ₹ 95
Quantity: 6 ml

6. Glittery Navy Blue

When it is hard to decide which shade to apply, then try this jewel-tone glittery navy blue shade. And no doubt, you will love it.

Brand: Lakme Color Crush Nail Art
Price: ₹ 155
Quantity: 6 ml

7. Champagne Gold

Champagne Gold is a glossy golden shade that works well with both western and traditional outfits.

Brand: DeBelle Gel Nail Polish
Price: ₹ 295
Quantity: 8 ml

8. Bright Orange

Bright Orange is the ideal spring shade to get a classic zesty look. So, try this signature shade with a little coloured midi dress to look spring ready.

Brand: Beromt Tangy Orange Nail Polish
Price: ₹ 199
Quantity: 10 ml

9. Beachy Sea Green

Try this clean, fresh and versatile beachy sea green for a sunny day. This shade can never go wrong with any outfit and occasion, so try and get infused with the airy shade of green.

Brand: Colorbar Nail Lacquer
Price: ₹ 199
Quantity: 12 ml

10. Perfect Crimson

Try this rosy shade of red with a perfect crimson tone. This bright yet sophisticated shade is perfect to wear for any party and outing.

Brand: Faces Canada Splash Nail Enamel
Price: ₹ 109
Quantity: 8 ml

11. Rose Gold

If you are bored of plain golden shade, then try this elementary rose gold shade.

Brand: DeBelle Gel Nail Polish Roseate Gold
Price: ₹ 295
Quantity: 8 ml

12. Pearl Pink

Try this lovely pearl pink shade which is a combination of faded nude and baby pink. Wear it with any dress and let this pretty shade shine on your nails. For sure, you will never get bored with this shade.

Brand: Kyth & Kin Pearl Finish Nail Polish
Price: ₹ 129
Quantity: 11 ml

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Written by Swati Mor

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