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Top 10 Dresses of Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek

Every look that makes you feel dress like Moira Rose.

No doubt, the dressing sense of a person is the reflection of his or her personality. Indeed, a great dressing style enhances the overall look the same way a spice adds flavour to the food. The famous character from Schitt’s creek, the ultra-glamorous Moira Rose, believes in the same philosophy. Her style and elegance can blow anyone. Here, take a look at her best top 10 looks from the famous Canadian series ‘Schitt’s Creek’.


1. White Fairy Gown with a Pope Hat

Moira Rose was looking like a goddess in the white flared gown along with a sparkling big pope hat which somewhat looks similar to the ancient Egyptian princess’ outfit.

2. The Golden Metallic Dress

She wore the golden metallic dress carried with red lipstick and a side neck bow tie during the announcement of town council candidates.

3. The Black-white Square Cube Suit

This was the ultimate bossy look of Moira Rose during the final episode with a stylish black neck bow which was giving a sheer look to the whole outfit.

4. Silver Town-council Meeting Dress

She wore this dress during the episode-6 of season-2 for a town council meeting. Her silver space suit like dress along with a black terra waist belt was giving a charismatic and magnetic look.

5. The Glittery Sequin Dress

This glittery sequin dress was giving her a sparky and airy look which she wore during the ‘housewarming’ episode.

6. Black Dress with a Crow Hat

This black full-sleeve flare dress with a crow hat and black wired stocking was an amazing combo.

7. Asbestos Fest Dress

She wore this all blacktop and pant dress with a silver neckpiece and metallic waist belt during episode-3 of season-2. The main highlight of the outfit was the brisk black-beret which she carried with full grace.

8. RIP Moira Rose News Dress

This full-length leather hoody-dress accustomed to a beautiful silver necklace along with her curly blonde hair was giving her a vibrant look.

9. Open-Mic Suit Dress

This classy belted printed-suit with a wire bow along with black strip stilettos was giving her a very refined look.

10. The Zebra Dress

The black-white zebra bodycon with red lipstick during the episode-2 of season-4 was one of her best high-fashion outfits.

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Written by Swati Mor

Pursuing her doctorate studies, Swati always looks for unexplored potential in different genres and love to pen down her thoughts. She also enjoys reading about gadgets, technologies, historical art and culture.

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