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Top 10 Beauty Gadgets Of 2021 To Have In Your List

Let’s see some of the top beauty gadgets that are ruling the market in 2021 and has made life easygoing for women

Beauty Gadgets Of 2021

Gadgets are the ones that make any task look easy and hassle-free. In this pandemic time, going to the parlour is a lot riskier. Don’t worry now, there is a solution. Try beauty gadgets that can help you do the parlour task just in seconds. These gadgets are easy to use and finish the work in less time.

Let’s see some of the top beauty gadgets that are ruling the market in 2021 and has made life easygoing for women.

1. Panasonic Epilator (ES-WS14-P44B)

This is another quality product by the Panasonic brand. This epilator is easy to use and give a smooth finish for long-duration after each use. Due to the presence of 24 tweakers, the epilator plucks even the short hairs efficiently from the root. This speedy epilator is good in removing hair from legs and arms in a short time and give ultra-smooth skin.

Panasonic Epilator

Key Features:

• Compact in design
• Comes with skin protector feature
• Suitable for dry use

Price: ₹ 2845

2. Philips Hair Straightening Comb

This hair straightening comb by Philips is based on ‘Thermoprotect Technology’ which prevent overheating and hence maintain constant temperature across the comb. It just takes few minutes to run the comb through your hair to get straight, smooth and frizz-free hair throughout the day. You could maintain the temperature and use the combat 2 different settings i.e. at 170˚C and the other at 200˚C. So, say yes to shiny and straight hair with this straightening comb by Philips.


Philips Hair Straightening Comb

Key Features:

• Based on Thermo protect technology
• Comes with keratin protection
• It is having a triple bristle design with a large paddle brush
• In just 50 seconds, it is ready for use

Price: ₹ 3495

3. RoboTouch DermaGlow Face Vibratory Massager

Robotech DermaGlow Face Vibratory Massager is one of the best face massager gadgets for skin tightening. The soft and bendable head of this face massager relaxes the facial tissues by relieving the face muscle stiffness.


RoboTouch DermaGlow Face Vibratory

Key Features:

• Waterproof face massager
• It is cordless which makes it user friendly
• It works on 3 different speed mode.

Price: ₹ 5000

4. Havells SC5060 Pore Cleanser

Blackheads and whiteheads over the face and around the nose corner is a very common problem that every girl faces. For this, we try everything right from scrubber gel to tweakers. But still, these pore blockers are left inside our skin. But not to worry, there is a solution to it. You could try Havells Pore Cleaner for removing those stubborn whiteheads, blackheads and greasy dust particles from your face. It comes with a micro-crystal head due to which helps in exfoliating a large round head.


Havells SC5060 Pore Cleanser

Key Features:

• Works on 3 suction modes – Low, Medium and High
• Its slim design makes it travel friendly

Price: ₹ 3495

5. Braun Face Mini Hair Remover

This hair remover gadget by Braun is ideal for facial hair removal from the upper lip, chin and cheeks. This product is easy to use and gives a smooth finish.


Braun Face Mini Hair Remover

Key Features:

• Portable and travel friendly

Price: ₹ 1999

6. Colorbar Showstopper Eyelash Curler

Add this exciting tool by Colorbar to your styling kit to get those trendy curvy eyelashes. It has a rubbery base due to which its grip is good.

Key Features:

• Comes with spunky Fuschia silicone pad

Price: ₹ 525

7. Philips Touch-up HP6388 Trimmer

If you have this beauty gadget in your closet, then you will definitely not find the need to go to the parlour. This touch-up trimmer by Philips is perfect for shaping your eyebrow and removing upper lips hair at home. So, why go to the parlour?


Philips Touch-up HP6388 Trimmer

Key Features:

• Trimming range of this gadget is 1- 4 mm
• It comes with 60 minutes battery run time

Price: ₹ 1595

8. Havells SC5070 Facial Cleanser

This gadget by Havells is a must to have for daily skincare routine. Apart from removing dust and dirt from the face, this facial cleanser is also good in removing the dead skin cells and cleansing the pores to render an immediate skin glow.


Havells SC5070 Facial Cleanser

Key Features:

• It is water-resistant
• Comes with an anti-bacterial brush suitable for daily use.

Price: ₹ 9995

9. Beaute Secrets Manicure Kit

Beaute Secrets Manicure Kit consists of a nail clipper set and pedicure care tools (16 pcs) with a portable leather case. This manicure kit is ideal for hand care, facial care and foot care.


Beaute Secrets Manicure Kit

Key Features:

• Portable travel kit

Price: ₹ 899

10. Syska Salon Finish Hair Curler

Get a salon-like hair curl finish using this effective hair curler device by Syska. This budgetary hair curler is suitable for both beginner and expert level users. So, getting long-lasting curls for the whole day is no more an issue now.


Syska Salon Finish Hair Curler

Key Features:

• It has a cooler tip for safer use
• The chrome plate of this curler comes with ceramic coating

Price: ₹ 1699

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Written by Swati Mor

Pursuing her doctorate studies, Swati always looks for unexplored potential in different genres and love to pen down her thoughts. She also enjoys reading about gadgets, technologies, historical art and culture.

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