Tired of Ill-Fitting Clothes? Well, Online Tailors Are Here to Save Your Dress!

“Your business should be where your customers are”, is one of the thumb rules for all businesses. Today’s customers are online and like others who turned their businesses digital, online tailoring services are becoming popular nowadays. You don’t have to search the streets or ask your friends for tailoring suggestions as you have everything now at your fingertips. A few taps on your keypad and you can find all the best tailors around you. You don’t have to make multiple trips to the tailor to get the perfect dress anymore. Just find a suitable online platform and design your outfit yourself! The state of art technology allows you to experiment with 3D models through which you can mix and match. From simple kurtis to wedding blouses, basic alterations to three piece suits, it doesn’t matter what you want, these online tailors have got you covered.

Customised Apparel Is The Magnet That Attracts Customers

One of the unique features offered by these services is customisation. Not all of us find the perfect fit when we go shopping. The fit might be proper but not the colour or you will love the design but you wouldn’t get your size. All of us face these issues and online tailoring offers a solution. You can select your desired design and colour along with your size requirements and behold! Your dream dress will be delivered to your doorstep. While some may require you to send the material, you can find other options that will stitch your preferred material themselves. Traditional customers may feel insecure about the correct fitting of clothes if stitched online, but the services allow you to send a sample from your clothes and also compensate for any defects. And what’s more, some of the sites offer a 3D fitting room to create the best for you! Aside from personal customers, fashion designers have taken to these sites to bring their designs to reality. The customisation and augmented reality features prove to be the best tool for budding designers.

Look Out For These Service Providers:

  • Tailor Junction offers online tailoring services in Bangalore and Gurgaon. The pricing is affordable and costs between Rs 350 – 2500 for women and for men it costs between Rs 600 – 3500.
  • The Perfect Stitch caters exclusively for women in Bangalore and guarantees delivery in 10 days.
  • Designer on Call is a Delhi based service that ships throughout India as well as overseas.
  • Makaras tailoring based in Chennai and
  • Tech Tailors in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are other popular platforms.

Most of them offer various online payment methods and cash on delivery as well.
*Not our review recommendations.

Ordering process flow made simple

The general process flow is to select what to switch, customize (you can personalize your dress design with custom necklines, sleeves and collars etc) & place an order, give measurement/garment, select delivery timeline and finally pay online or pay on delivery.

Join The Trend

While online tailoring may have once seemed absurd, it has become the first choice for many today. More and more customers are preferring these services for their quality work, perfect fit and customisation features. Moreover, it is more convenient and affordable as well. These platforms serve all ranges of budgets from basic to premium. Also these platforms provide online visibility to the creative and talented tailors situated across areas which are otherwise hard to find manually in real.

  • Online tailoring services are overshadowing regular services in recent times.
  • The customisation feature is the USP of such online platforms.

Next time if you think of getting something stitched, try exploring some of these tailoring options available online.

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