Time to live the rush with Anushka Sharma

Looking good is always desirable. Anushka Sharma’s ever-smiling, fresh face introduces you to the new range of cosmetics from Elle 18. These products are designed especially for women who live life the busy way.

The new products from Elle 18 include Glow Compact, Glow Foundation, Colour Pop Liners and Juicy Lip Balm. The Glow Compact is easy to carry as it comes in a sleek pack. It moisturises, smoothens, hides spots and blemishes and also protects the skin from the harsh effects of pollution. It comes in four shades Pearl, Coral, Shell and Marble. A pack of 9gm is available for Rs150. Glow Foundation has a delicate silky texture with SPF8. It gently moisturises the skin and comes in four shades – Pearl, Coral, Shell and Marble. A pack of 30 ml comes for Rs150. Colour Pop Liners gives elegant tones to your eyes and always makes your face look bright and cheerful. It comes in brown, green, grey and blue. Pay only Rs75 for a pack of 5ml. Making your pout super sexy is now possible with Elle 18’s Juicy Lip Balm. This is a perfect non-sticky balm that contains Jojoba oil, Olive oil and Vitamin E. It is therefore the best way to take care of your lips while you make it look sexy too. It comes in shades like pink, red, berry, peach, beige and mauve.

This is available for Rs110 for 9 ml. The prices show that the products are pretty affordable especially for college girls who can make purchases with their limited pocket money. These come in easy-to-carry packs so that they can be carried even in a small handbag.

The shades of these products are suitable for everyday use and for party wear. Anushka is a personality who represents women who are pursuing a tight professional schedule. But the Elle 18 ad shows her looking cherry and bright even as a college student. Anushka’s look in the ad film is something every woman would love to have. Are you interested in getting the Anushka-like glow? Why not try some of these Elle 18 products?

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