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This Week’s Top Stories Concerning Women : Feb 21

From empowerment to achievements, we bring you the roundup of this week’s top stories concerning women.

Top Stories

It’s time to look back at yet another exciting week and understand how it affected womenfolk. Here are some stories that might interest you:

1. Uber Cool Indian Rural Women and Their Digital Transformation

SEWA’s (Self-Employes Women’s Association) ‘Leelavati Project’ is transforming Indian Rural women and giving them the freedom to digitally pursue their businesses to keep their talent alive, especially during the Pandemic. SEWA educates these women on skills like cashless payments, online marketing, and online communication. Rural women from Gujarat can now accept cashless payments for their traditionally weaved products: A transforming step that lets them financially support themselves and their families. It is very heartwarming to hear their stories about how they have learned new skills from YouTube, how they can now use Maps to explore their areas, and how they feel empowered to pay their bills online.

2. #Meetoo Campaign and Priya Ramani’s Acquittal

In a powerful and inspirited judgment by the court of law, Priya Ramani remained acquitted in the defamation case filed by former Union Minister M J Akbar. This judgment is being celebrated in India to emphasize the importance of the #MeeToo movement and various women who showed the courage to come forward to disclose their stories. This verdict puts forth the idea that: Defamation law cannot be utilized as a shield to stop these women from speaking up and challenge workplace harassment. M J Akbar was accused of sexual misconduct by various women including Miss Ramani. For countless women in India, speaking up against workplace sexual harassment results in job loss and sexist questions. Testimonies by Ramani and Ghazala Wahab, in this defamation case, have given a new voice to women to come forward and speak up without any fear. 

3. Dr. Swati Mohan: The Woman Behind the Scenes of the ‘Perseverance Success’

NASA Perseverance Rover Landing Day
NASA Perseverance Rover Landing Day

Indian-American woman – Swati Mohan found herself in the spotlight when she joyfully announced the gentle touchdown of space agency NASA’s largest-ever rover Perseverance- on the Martian surface. A Cornell Graduate, Dr. Mohan was responsible for spearheading the rover in the correct direction. She is getting celebrated on various social media platforms like Twitter-with hashtags and posts dedicated to her. She emigrated to the USA while she was just a year old. Indian’s found a quick connection with her-when they noticed her striking ‘Bindi’ on pictures and videos shared by NASA. 

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Written by Prerna

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