This New Food Start Up Just Gave Rise To Fuss Free Cooking In An Awesome Way

For many youngsters these days, eating out is common not because they dislike cooking but primarily because of the numerous other tasks that come with it. From figuring out what to cook, to evaluating skills, time and knowledge, from shopping, to stock management, there’s a lot that also has to be factored in.

Coming in as the perfect solution to the problem above is AwesomeChef, based in Chennai, a venture by Awesome Cuisines Private Limited.


Awesome Chef is committed to serving the needs of the Chennai community through delicious, fresh and healthy “Ready-to-cook” meal kits with free next day delivery services. A selection of delightful new recipes will be added to the menu each week.

How they work is pretty simple. You order and they go shopping, measure ingredients, pack them and have them delivered to you. So basically, on days you want to cook, they take care of everything else so you can focus only on the cooking.

Praveen Kumar, co-founder and head of operations told us, “We are proud to announce that our new Awesome Chef website went live this week. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in home-cooks, thanks to amazing programs like MasterChef or shows featuring famous chefs like Chef Venkatesh Bhat or Chef Damu. The “Art of Cooking” these days, has surpassed the gender divide and we see amazing chefs in husbands, dads and kids. Living in a hectic world there is either less time to shop or a challenge to source the right ingredient. Awesome Chef fills this need by providing all the requisite ingredients along with the set of instructions to cook the dishes you see on our site.”

Their other co-founder and Chief Culinary Officer Anjali Anand said in her statement, “We are thrilled to start in Chennai and to help people avoid waiting in queues, offering the best ingredients with no harmful chemicals and giving families more precious time with each other. All Awesome Chef “ready-to-cook” kits are packed with the fresh and finest pre-measured ingredients that can serve 2 to 3 people. This is a very exciting time for Awesome Chef. We are committed to providing excellent customer care to everyone in the area. We are proud to be doing our bit in promoting home-cooked foods.”

Their menu is pretty vast. From pasta to Kashmiri malai baingan to Thai curry noodles, there is a whole lot of variety! The prices are reasonable with dishes being priced between Rs.225 to Rs.520 and being enough to serve 2 to 3 people.



We at WhatSHElikes love this concept because not only does it save up on a lot of time and energy, but it also reduces food wastage. With several youngsters living alone today, it becomes problematic for them to go shopping for ingredients for one meal only often resulting in wastage of the unused ingredients. What do you guys think? Do let us know in the comments below.

You can visit Awesome Chef site here or check them out on Facebook here.


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